Date men from United States / Alabama / Ozark, 70 year old

Date single man from Alabama, United States. I am a widowed Christian man and a retired professional in good health. I had a really good marriage and hope to find someone else I can form a good relationship with. I'm easy to get along with but have a low tolerance for arguing and bickering. I value honesty and integrity and prefer staying active rather than being a couch potato. I enjoy a variety of good foods, including Italian and seafood. I prefer to eat somewhat healthy, but am not a fanatic about it. I'm an airplane pilot and enjoy flying as a hobby. I teach flying part time at a local flight school. I like riding motorcycles - own a Honda 600.
I'm looking for a committed Christian woman who loves the Lord and isn't ashamed to admit it. I really don't understand what spiritual but not religious means. I am Protestant, but had a wonderful 271/2 marriage to a committed Catholic and we never argued about the differences in our faith and we attended each others' worship services.
I enjoy traveling and my next big trip will probably be to Hawaii. I've been to Europe several times but still haven't been to the far northern countries and plan to do so before I get too old.

Meet a man from Alabama, United States. I am kinda laid back, but no wimp. I'm protective of my friends and family. I was Ordained at ORC in Orlando in June of1967. I worked in Prision Ministries for over 30 years until my former wife developed a brain tumor, and it became necessary for me to care for her. I'm not looking for someone to replace her, but I am more than willing to share my life and heart with someone that is kind, caring, and willing to be truthful and honest with me.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I try to be neat and organized. I have many hobbies that keep me close to home. I am not a computer or t.v. nut, I am outside most of the time except to clean house and cook meals. I do not like games, I tell it like it is and want to hear the same.
I live 3 miles from town near the foothills of the Boston Mts. I like to drive in the hills, sit on the River bank and spend evenings on my large front porch. I think I am enjoying my later years.