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Date people from Texas, United States. Just a normal guy looking for a girl that will make me happy. I like girls that are down to earth and not over dramatic. I'm a really chill guy, looking to have some fun. Just moved to El Paso, looking forward to getting to know the area.

Meet single man from Texas, United States. As an entrepreneur, my career has been one of my passions, and creative outlet. I am very driven running a business but when I'm away from work, I try to have as much fun as I can and could laugh at a piece of string that I find on the floor and generally find something funny in almost every hour of my day. I think laughing is the oil in the engine of life which I think I have a unique appreciation for those special moments. I try to work out in the gym to stay in good shape. I'm down to earth, fun, creative, into sports, family, films, theater, arts, and music. I love to cook and I love to entertain people around me. I love to dance and I constantly think of new reasons to celebrate the gift of life each day. I’m well-traveled and will continue to see the world and hopefully with a wonderful adventurous woman to join me. As far as relationships are concern, I am looking for someone who has that classy and earthy feel to her. I 'm very soulful and consider myself as someone who knows how to have fun. I'm up for anything from walking on the beach to getting lost in an art museum, a dinner party, checking out live music, or cuddled up watching a movie. Life is too short, come join hands with me and let us live it.

Date a soulmate from Texas, United States. I am a woman with a vision, a plan for life. I do not have it all figured out, but I am malliable. I love to make people smile, so I will go the distance to see those pearly whites. I am interested in mature men, that aren't after like Lauryn Hill says "that thing". I am a free spirit, on the go. I love to travel and try new things...far from close minded.

Meet a boy from Texas, United States. I am new to Dallas and I am looking forward to getting introduced to Dallas social life.
I am very family-oriented. People say that I am shy until you get to know me.
I enjoy a good joke, both telling and hearing one.
I have a dry sense of humor and I am analytical.
I am looking to meet a girl who is intelligent and confident in her opinions. I need somebody who is outgoing. I want to meet someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, she has a good sense of humor and likes to have fun.

Date single girl from Texas, United States. Hi, IРІР‚в„ўm Sara and I am originally from Florida (Go Gators!). I spent the last year in Tucson and have recently moved to Houston for work: IРІР‚в„ўm a vet. Loves of mine include trying new things, the outdoors (snowboarding, white water rafting, and hiking), traveling, chocolate and wine, my family, and of course animals. My friends would describe me as silly, genuine, serious when needed, smart at times, and extremely caring. I truly enjoy the small things in life. I'm looking for someone who is not only a partner, but also a best friend. Feel free to contact me if interested.

Meet a man from Texas, United States. I've just recently semi retired and I'm splitting my Time living in Arkansas and Texas. Still have to run my company but there is the beauty of Internet
Let me begin by saying I'm into fitness. I enjoy working out and being in good shape. I prefer to date someone who is either into fitness or takes great pride in staying in a healthy state. Thus my preference of slender or athletic and toned. I'd never rule out anyone there was chemistry and attraction
I just want to say that I'm an old fashioned type of guy, don't worry I know the difference between Louis Vuitton and Coach and The Ritz from the Ramada. I'm talking about the anchor pieces or cornerstones of life: honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, someone who treats others the way they would like to be treated. I know this sounds easy but it's rare to find in this day and age. People are so wrapped up with technology ( i.e. constant texting, tweeting, blogging etc.) that they have lost the basic skills of communication. Great communication leeds to successful relationships. Being open and Honest is a must as well. At this age we all have baggage, but I think it can be stored away.
I'm a great communicator so let's chat and see if there is enough interest to meet in person.
I know I'm not a Brad Pitt, but I am a person after we meet you'll walk away saying, he was a really good guy. I had fun!!

Date single man from United States. I just moved here and thought this might be a good way to meet someone speical. I'm a outdoors type person who loves to hike, play sports, longboard, just about anything. I imagine we all have similar reasons for being on here. Mine, probably the same as many others.
Im looking for person that I love spending time with, who loves to travel, someone that I know will always be there when I need them. I'm confident and honest, try to be understanding in everything I do. I know I'm not perfect but I try to constantly change and improve my life.

Meet people from United States. I am seeking a friend, and a companion who is honest, intelligent, and equally as passionate about life. I am a positive person, full of energy and am into fitness, and am very easy going. I treasure the true keys to life... Family and friends. I have a fantastic sense of humor, and a very outgoing personality. I Love to travel; especially to warm exotic beaches, I love the arts including theatrical Plays, and cirque de soliel shows, all types of music, dancing, golf, billiards, rollerblading, working out, sports playing and watching. I’ve learned that you can’t be afraid to put your heart on the line because the greatest treasures in life come with the greatest risks.

Date a soulmate from United States. I enjoy my life and find something each day to be happy about. I enjoy good conversations, being spontaneous, dining in or out, movies, theater, walks, swimming, tennis, wine and ocean sunsets. I have many interests and enjoy traveling, staying active, physically fit and eating quality healthy food. Family and friends are very important. I would like to meet a woman who shares common values where we can compliment each other's lives. I value open communication, trust and mutual respect.

Meet someone special from United States. Can't sing, can't play an instrument and currently can't dance (back issues) but looking for a lady who loves wine, dining out, enjoying the wealth of blues, jazz, country, folk etc music that makes Austin so unique. I'm new to town so I need someone who can show me around. I am moving to downtown Austin in the next month and am looking for someone special (a nightowl would be a "hoot") to share this with me.
“Excess in Moderation” (small portions of excellence) is my motto in the life I have to share. Of course, the relationship I seek reflects that I am a one-woman man. Relationships are, I feel, based on shared experiences. At our time in life, the best begin with a sense that we have known each other for life, offer the surprise discovery that energy can be felt across the room and rich and well-spent time together that becomes a priority based on trust.
I envision a life full of roots music (blues, folk, jazz, zydeco, old country and roc) and the freinds who make it), fine wines (I’m in the heart of wine country), fine dining (a top ten in the US restaurant is four blocks away from my condo) and the gentle discovery of growing love, trust and intimacy.
As I love to share with wine tasting room hostesses, “I have grey hair, I don’t need new wine; I’m ready to enjoy the best wines now!”
So if you think you might like to be my “vintage woman” to share a rich, full life with a “long, satisfying finish,” let’s start with a getting acquainted phone call and go from there.
I am as semi-retired as I will ever be; I still manage client assets simply with world-class results, write an investment newsletter and am developing a revolutionary blues music documentary series. Basically, I am a storyteller at heart specializing in stories that add a new dignity to others’ experiences. The adventure is ours to share and the rest is, well, ours to savor.

Date someone special from United States. I am fun, witty, sarcastic and independent. I am just as comfortable with a Sawzall and masonry caulk as I am with a hairdryer and cosmetics. I like to be out and about, whether it be shopping, dining out, attending a live music performance or a car show, wine tasting, sight-seeing, etc. But I also enjoy just hanging out at home, watching TV, movies, playing video games or just working around the house. I like to get dressed up in pretty clothes and cute shoes, but I also like to bum around in a t-shirt and jeans.
As for what I'm looking for, well I believe it's best to not beat around the bush, so you'll forgive me for being blunt and or harsh.
My ideal match has his life together. Maybe you've not reached your end goal yet, but you're on track for it.
You're emotionally mature and don't need me to coddle you all the time. I don't mind a little coddling when appropriate, but I'm not you're mom.
I'm looking for a man, not a boy. I'm not saying I'll pass you over if you play video games. But how do you deal with conflict? Do you mope and shut down when things don't go your way? Or do you attempt to handle frustrating situations with reason and equanimity?
You should be confident and self-assured but at the same time, neither cocky and arrogant.
You should be a gentleman, but not a chauvinist.
You should be down to earth and not have unrealistic expectations for yourself and those around you.
I don't do drama. So, I'm sorry, but if you have kids, this includes you. I won't deal with ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and their baby mama drama.

. I am a real woman here to be found by a real man, the perfect man, perfect for me. I want man that knows what he wants out of life, one who is done with the games.
I am real my hair nails and other assests. lol really
We all have preferences and mine is Brothers men of color I have never dated any other. This is not a dis to other races this is just me being true to me.
I am Native american, German, and black. I am a nurse of 15 years and mother of all GROWN and GONE children/adults. Now is my time to focus on me. I have not been in a relationship for almost 2 years now, I needed time to reflect on me and what about me was attracting and or choosing the same type of man.. Now I know and know my true worth and posses the ability to be true to myself.
Now what I need... hum I have a strong personality (Not disrespectful) I need a brother with a confidence that can understand me. I am Independent not by choice. I need a strong passionate provider and protector. A man who loves to travel one that we can share life experiences. A man who is honest about what he needs and what he can give.
Loyalty IS A MUST.. I am a great Cook. a neat freak I am Spoiled and I spoil in return. I try to live a healthy life I want to work out but lose motivation doing it alone, but I do love doing Yoga makes me feel great.
I love to travel, shop, opera, live theater, and I love love love sports..
I am a true scorpio kind and loyal to a fault