Date men and women from United States / Texas, 44 year old

Date a soulmate from Texas, United States. I am a real woman here to be found by a real man, the perfect man, perfect for me. I want man that knows what he wants out of life, one who is done with the games.
I am real my hair nails and other assests. lol really
We all have preferences and mine is Brothers men of color I have never dated any other. This is not a dis to other races this is just me being true to me.
I am Native american, German, and black. I am a nurse of 15 years and mother of all GROWN and GONE children/adults. Now is my time to focus on me. I have not been in a relationship for almost 2 years now, I needed time to reflect on me and what about me was attracting and or choosing the same type of man.. Now I know and know my true worth and posses the ability to be true to myself.
Now what I need... hum I have a strong personality (Not disrespectful) I need a brother with a confidence that can understand me. I am Independent not by choice. I need a strong passionate provider and protector. A man who loves to travel one that we can share life experiences. A man who is honest about what he needs and what he can give.
Loyalty IS A MUST.. I am a great Cook. a neat freak I am Spoiled and I spoil in return. I try to live a healthy life I want to work out but lose motivation doing it alone, but I do love doing Yoga makes me feel great.
I love to travel, shop, opera, live theater, and I love love love sports..
I am a true scorpio kind and loyal to a fault

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