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Date someone special from Texas, United States. I am a woman with a vision, a plan for life. I do not have it all figured out, but I am malliable. I love to make people smile, so I will go the distance to see those pearly whites. I am interested in mature men, that aren't after like Lauryn Hill says "that thing". I am a free spirit, on the go. I love to travel and try new things...far from close minded.

Meet a girl from Texas, United States. Hi, IРІР‚в„ўm Sara and I am originally from Florida (Go Gators!). I spent the last year in Tucson and have recently moved to Houston for work: IРІР‚в„ўm a vet. Loves of mine include trying new things, the outdoors (snowboarding, white water rafting, and hiking), traveling, chocolate and wine, my family, and of course animals. My friends would describe me as silly, genuine, serious when needed, smart at times, and extremely caring. I truly enjoy the small things in life. I'm looking for someone who is not only a partner, but also a best friend. Feel free to contact me if interested.

Date a girl from Texas, United States. I am fun, witty, sarcastic and independent. I am just as comfortable with a Sawzall and masonry caulk as I am with a hairdryer and cosmetics. I like to be out and about, whether it be shopping, dining out, attending a live music performance or a car show, wine tasting, sight-seeing, etc. But I also enjoy just hanging out at home, watching TV, movies, playing video games or just working around the house. I like to get dressed up in pretty clothes and cute shoes, but I also like to bum around in a t-shirt and jeans.
As for what I'm looking for, well I believe it's best to not beat around the bush, so you'll forgive me for being blunt and or harsh.
My ideal match has his life together. Maybe you've not reached your end goal yet, but you're on track for it.
You're emotionally mature and don't need me to coddle you all the time. I don't mind a little coddling when appropriate, but I'm not you're mom.
I'm looking for a man, not a boy. I'm not saying I'll pass you over if you play video games. But how do you deal with conflict? Do you mope and shut down when things don't go your way? Or do you attempt to handle frustrating situations with reason and equanimity?
You should be confident and self-assured but at the same time, neither cocky and arrogant.
You should be a gentleman, but not a chauvinist.
You should be down to earth and not have unrealistic expectations for yourself and those around you.
I don't do drama. So, I'm sorry, but if you have kids, this includes you. I won't deal with ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and their baby mama drama.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a real woman here to be found by a real man, the perfect man, perfect for me. I want man that knows what he wants out of life, one who is done with the games.
I am real my hair nails and other assests. lol really
We all have preferences and mine is Brothers men of color I have never dated any other. This is not a dis to other races this is just me being true to me.
I am Native american, German, and black. I am a nurse of 15 years and mother of all GROWN and GONE children/adults. Now is my time to focus on me. I have not been in a relationship for almost 2 years now, I needed time to reflect on me and what about me was attracting and or choosing the same type of man.. Now I know and know my true worth and posses the ability to be true to myself.
Now what I need... hum I have a strong personality (Not disrespectful) I need a brother with a confidence that can understand me. I am Independent not by choice. I need a strong passionate provider and protector. A man who loves to travel one that we can share life experiences. A man who is honest about what he needs and what he can give.
Loyalty IS A MUST.. I am a great Cook. a neat freak I am Spoiled and I spoil in return. I try to live a healthy life I want to work out but lose motivation doing it alone, but I do love doing Yoga makes me feel great.
I love to travel, shop, opera, live theater, and I love love love sports..
I am a true scorpio kind and loyal to a fault

Date a woman from United States. I'm a bit shy (at first, until I get to know you), and can be corny sometimes.
I love my family and friends, and enjoy spending time with them. I'm one of those fortunate enough to really enjoy my job!!
Some say I have OCD, but I call it being extremely organized and efficient!!
I'm looking for someone to spend some "quality" time with; someone who doesn't NEED me, but WANTS me.

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