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Date a boy from Texas, United States. I am new to Dallas and I am looking forward to getting introduced to Dallas social life.
I am very family-oriented. People say that I am shy until you get to know me.
I enjoy a good joke, both telling and hearing one.
I have a dry sense of humor and I am analytical.
I am looking to meet a girl who is intelligent and confident in her opinions. I need somebody who is outgoing. I want to meet someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, she has a good sense of humor and likes to have fun.

Meet a girl from Texas, United States. I am fun, witty, sarcastic and independent. I am just as comfortable with a Sawzall and masonry caulk as I am with a hairdryer and cosmetics. I like to be out and about, whether it be shopping, dining out, attending a live music performance or a car show, wine tasting, sight-seeing, etc. But I also enjoy just hanging out at home, watching TV, movies, playing video games or just working around the house. I like to get dressed up in pretty clothes and cute shoes, but I also like to bum around in a t-shirt and jeans.
As for what I'm looking for, well I believe it's best to not beat around the bush, so you'll forgive me for being blunt and or harsh.
My ideal match has his life together. Maybe you've not reached your end goal yet, but you're on track for it.
You're emotionally mature and don't need me to coddle you all the time. I don't mind a little coddling when appropriate, but I'm not you're mom.
I'm looking for a man, not a boy. I'm not saying I'll pass you over if you play video games. But how do you deal with conflict? Do you mope and shut down when things don't go your way? Or do you attempt to handle frustrating situations with reason and equanimity?
You should be confident and self-assured but at the same time, neither cocky and arrogant.
You should be a gentleman, but not a chauvinist.
You should be down to earth and not have unrealistic expectations for yourself and those around you.
I don't do drama. So, I'm sorry, but if you have kids, this includes you. I won't deal with ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and their baby mama drama.

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