Date men and women from United States / Florida, 45 year old

Date single man from Florida, United States. A little about me: Well, I first landed in Los Angles CA when I was 18 and grew up in and around Santa Monica for 10 years. I transferred to San Francisco, to finish college, with my West Indian, British, LA background. I guess you can say, I’m an internationally "Mixed Mutt.” I'm from the West Indies and was raised there, in England and then hear in the US. English is my first language, but I do have a British, Irish, West Indian, accent and I also have the typical Californian, English accent. People tend to say I have 2 very different accents.
So now, I'm an educated, well traveled, international, that'e s worked in the .com world of the Silicon Valley for 10 years. My last 14yrs in San Francisco CA, had definitely taught me much more than LA did but, I must admit, I still love LA and it's beaches. Oh yes, I must also admit I have a major, true and avid love for music! This should let you know what kind of taste I have. Artists from Pink Floyd, Sting, Seal, U2, Sade, Police, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Moby, Nightmares On Wax, Journey, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Buddha Bar, 2PAC, Dr Dre, Notorious B.I.G., NAS, DMX, and then Bob Marley. I listen to 80s / 90s ROCK, RnB, House, POP, New Age Retro, Old School Hip Hop / Rap and then there's my true love for all the different styles of REGGAE Music. Reggae is actually my first music.
I'm sure we have something in common. I'm Into different kinds of art's and entertainment as well. From comedy, art galleries, live music concerts, plays, and live orchestras. Yes, I’m into many other things like just getting out, wining n dining, dancing and Movies. I'm into mountain biking, horses, snowboarding, long distance running, tennis, racquetball, the beach, the beach, the beach, and I love bodybuilding /free weights, or should I just say the Gym. Yes, I do love to travel and travel on a whim. I've been through many passports and I tend to travel more with you.
Ok, so now I'm hopping to meet a woman like you that knows what she wants, where she's going and just who she is. I'd like to have some common or even similar interests between us, an attraction, and a true chemistry for us to start off everything. YES, I know how to build an honest, loyal, and loving relationship. I'm only interested in starting up something real. The most important things I'll need, to build this, is good communication between the two of us, humor, your joy, our laughter, a social and an independently fun, outgoing, bright mind of your own. No Insecure mentality will be needed. The rest's really all up to you with your original and true self.
So now what about you? Have you ever given a man roses? Whens the last time you were the only one laughing? What's one place you’d really love to visit or re-visit? Tell me something good about yourself and please keep in mind, I'd like to see some recent photos of you.

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