Date men and women from United States / Florida, 39 year old

Date men and women from Florida, United States. Here it is in a nutshell,
I am an independent, strong willed girl. I am very confident, friendly, and I get who I am and what I'm looking for.
My experiences the last 5 years of my life have brought me to where I am now. Finally reaching a place where I get it.... True insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Change is good.
My weakness: criticism coming from my dating partner as an attack on my personality. Although, I’m a great listener, I know the difference between being rude and constructive feedback. I’m not perfect, but I am striving to work on what will make me the Best catch ever…
He must have a sense of humor, drama free, be a great communicator, in good shape, ambitious (yet not a workaholic nor spreading himself too thin for everyone). Stable life, Is NOT wishy washy (lol-not at all) he knows what he wants, Isn't selfish, and has the ability to look to the future and not the past.
I enjoy meeting new people with substance and who care about themselves and where they're going... I want to travel, try new things... (Failure and Boring are not in my vocabulary).
Please don't waste my time... and I surely won't waste yours... Enjoy match however it may work for you...

Meet a man from Florida, United States. I'm everything your looking for and a bag of love! What are you suppose to say here?
I'm not applying for a job so I'm not gonna try to sell myself! I have a killer smile, great laugh, I'm loveable, and kind to a fault. Will give the shirt off my back to someone in need.
I am not looking for a Mrs. Howell or her millions, I'm not looking for a momma's girl, I am looking for someone that has already gone thru her second childhood and now wants to play with his main squeeze and not her buddy's. Not saying ya can't hang with yer friends but can't we find some mutual friends to hang with together? We all need our space I can certainly appreciate that, as I like my own too!
I prefer the simple things in life that most of us walk right by cuz we have our nose to far in the air to see it or smell it. I would rather be camping in the woods then hanging at the holiday inn.
Anyway, I'm just the guy next door lookin for the girl that used to tease me and knew deep down what true love was back in the day! Remember that? Been awhile huh?
i am caring and loving.
i am allergic to ignorance.

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