Date men and women from United States / Florida, 30 year old

Date a soulmate from Florida, United States. I'm big on the environment, ocean lover and give yearly to OPS and Sea Shepard organizations, watch the Cove if you haven't seen it yet!
I'm a sports guy (i'll be honest), I have my "man-dates" with my buddies Sunday/Monday when possible. I'm loyal, and goofy (as some people have described me), and I can engage easily with people I don't know.
I've worked hard to get my education and my current job. I'd like to find someone with the same ideals.
One of the pictures in my profile is my punishment for playing paintball for the 1st time!
"I don't think women realize just how hard it is for the average guy to walk up to a complete stranger and try to strike up a conversation. It is exceedingly difficult to work up the courage to do that and obviously we're not going to approach you if it seems like you might shut us down if we don't fit every one of your personal standards." -My favorite dating quote.

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