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Date men and women from Gold Canyon, United States. Hello. I'm Matt. I live out in Gold Canyon just south of the Superstitions (not the area around Tucson). I've been out here for a little over five years now turning my house into a home. I decided to give the online thing a try because there just aren’t many people my age out here.
I consider myself an Arizona native although I was born in San Diego and spent about three years living around LA when I got sick of the heat and needed a change.
If you have any questions for me then drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
I’ll see if I can find more pictures of myself but I’m usually the one behind the camera.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I've never dated someone that shares similar personality traits. I seem to always fall in the opposite attracts category. However, I've made the firm decision that I need to find someone that enjoys the same things I do. I'm highly energetic and need an energetic partner. I've been into sports my whole life and love being outside. My brother thinks I need to find a tomboy.
If I had to pick 3 words to describe myself, I'd probably go with funny, outgoing and respectful. I have my serious moments but in general I love laughing and being silly. Laughter is such a powerful tool and when you can make someone smile when they are down and out it makes you feel good. I believe in doing unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
I'm a big animal lover. I was pre-vet in college but moved to business management because I was having trouble seeing animals hurt and dying. I just couldn't be the guy that told someone they had to put their dog down. So the person I'm looking for really needs to love animals. The only animal that I have an issue with is cats but not because I don't like them but I'm rather allergic to them.
All in all, I just want someone that is energetic, likes to exercise, enjoys wine and healthy cooking and wants to challenge each other. Someone that is comfortable throwing on some grubby clothes and going camping and then the next week putting on something special for a night out. An individual that wants to be more than just average. Someone that wants to excel in the things they do and truly be a friend I can share all these things with. True love has escaped me thus far but I'm confident it's out there.
If you are looking for a man that loves adventure, good conversation, traveling, animals and the idea of growing a relationship to something special, shoot me an email and let's see where it goes.

Date single man from Gold Canyon, United States. What do I want? What do we all want. Let me start by telling you what I have. Most important is my 13 year old daughter Hannah, I have raised her since she was 14 months. Next is my faith, although a struggle at times I believe God is best in control of our lives. I also have a dozen employees that are the best, and I feel honored to be able to make a difference in their lives. I am financially secure, home , vacation home, boats, Harleys, cars and a bunch of other things, but that’s all they are , things.
Don’t get me wrong, I like my stuff, but I want a great woman to share my life with, so with that said ….. my perfect woman … just beautiful, sincere, honest and confident from the inside out. I’m so done with games, I have had a life filled with women that men dream about, and I have great memories but it is time to find the love of my life, I know it sounds intense, but I know there are a few woman out there who are secure and willing to at least share some time together and see where it leads, what’s the worst that can happen, you make a friend.

Meet someone special from Gold Canyon, United States. How are you? Thank you for reading my profile. I love sports and art. I love learning langauges and cultures. I mountain bike in my community, go to the gym, swim, play hoops and tennis. I wish I was better at golf. I like to paint pictures from my travels. My favorite education is traveling. I am into home improvement. I love pets. I enjoy merengue dancing and I wish I was better at salsa. My favorite cuisines are Indian and Vietnamese. I am into variety yet I try to make routine tasks as enjoyable as possible. I am loyal and I am good listener. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Date men and women from Gold Canyon, United States. Hi,
My name is Ed. I moved here to the valley about 12 years ago. I grew up in Indiana right outside of Chicago. I moved here because the weather sucks there and my old neighborhood turned pretty bad. So it was time to leave.
I am the youngest of 9. Yep mom n dad were pretty busy. lol I have 3 sister and 5 brother. We are spread out around the country but we talk often. I have always been around kids because of all my nieces and nephews. I do not have any children of my own at this time. I am open to the idea. I would say it all depends on the woman I would be with.
I would consider my self a fun loving guy. I like to entertain and meet new people. I come from a great family and I have a great group of friends as well. I am always willing to help people out that need my assistance.
I feel a relationship is a matter if give and take. Communication is the key to any relationship. If you can't tell each other your thought then maybe you are not with the right person. I have a lot of passion to give to the right woman in my life. Love, passion, communication are the keys to a great journey with the right woman. But, that just what I think. What do you think???
Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from some of you great women out the valley.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am active and I work out several times a week. I have a successful job that I really enjoy, and friends that I wouldn't trade for anyone. I love to be outside and enjoy a good hike, run or bike ride. I also enjoy extreme sports such as rock climbing and mountaineering. I enjoy to traveling and I am looking for a partner that is interested in exploring the world. Spontaneity is great, and keeps life moving in a direction that isn't one of boredom or repetition.

Date men and women from United States. Searching for a good woman to enter my life. I'm a one woman man and we'll take care of each other into eventual old we don't end up in a nursing home! LOL. I'm financially solid and have had a great career going for many years and fortunately, I don't work out of necessity, I work to keep busy but that's the only reason I work. As for her, I'm hoping she's kind, somewhat attractive, stable minded and not on anti depressant drugs. We all have to cope in life and we don't need anti depressants to do it! Nothing that a glass of wine and some affection can't cure. I'd also like to find someone who's open to living more north of the valley or if not , at least have another home up there, or a second home by the ocean is tempting. Having a summer getaway home in Southern Oregon on the Pacific Coast would be perfect. A few weeks by the beach to escape Arizona's summer heat would be nice.The way things are now days it's not a bad idea to have another place to go to if society ever broke down...I'm a realistic man. We will have a good life together and thank our stars that we found each other...and who knows, maybe with the right woman possibly one more child. Also, my pictures are current...I tend not to smile much for the camera but in reality I do.There's something else I need to say... lately I've been getting a few winks/emails from women without pictures... I appreciate the gesture but we are visual creatures and there's no way I can carry on a conversation without knowing how she looks. It's like talking to the just won't have a chance to work without a picture.

Meet a man from United States. I'll need to think about this and come back at my descriptives. I am a romantic, but I am also a realistist, so while I believe in "Love at first sight," I also believe that chemistry can take time. I also know that 50-50 doesn't work (it needs to 100%-100%). I have known some very high highs and so very devastingly lows lows.
I have attracted and been attracted to to many different types; ecclectics can do that. But, I lean towards creative, artistic types and strong intelligent women can be more appealing to me as well; I like to be challenged. I also like to laugh and need to do it more. I am looking for a friendship that can develop into something more, but I am not in a hurry for anything.
I love the outdoors and don't get there enough. I clean up well and love jazz, classical music, opera, plays, and ballet. I am well travelled and would like to do more. I am well read, but not as much lately.

Date single man from United States. I am looking for a serious relationship with that special woman to spice up my life. I want her to show me her inner bright colors from within and shine my way. I'm seeking for that beautiful and lovely woman that I can share love and happiness and special moments. I want to spoil her with love and attention that she deserves. Someone I can share my life with and be crazy about. I want her to bring me to life every time I see that beautiful smile!
About me? Well, I hate talking about myself, but OK if you dare!))) I am an open minded person with good qualities and values. I am very understanding, and willing to listen to anyone. My hobby is in writing Histrical/Fiction and Action/Adventure. I have published one book so far, I think to get more out there. I like Love and War stories and I will write anytime in history, place you right in it and bring about romance and passion. Maybe I can open your imagination, your fantasy, your dreams, and take you there!
I try to workout when I can and usually with my new home gym, my stand up bag, and some kick boxing or Mixed Martial Arts.
Your probably wondering, if I am any good? Can you imagine Bruce Lee and Jean Claud Van Damn put together. Ya, its like that,
I dont mess around!)))) Sometimes I really enjoy a good scenic drive. I like to jump into my sports carget onto any highway, turn on the stereo for that hard rock, and just tear it all up! Would you believe I have no traffic tickets!))
Really over all, I am just a simple person. I'm looking for the one woman of my dreams to come along and grab me! I would never deny her of any love, desire, fire in the soul, hot mad passion like there is no tomorrow!!!)) Seriously, I'm looking for a beautiful relationship to marriage. I think maybe a strong loving family, and just live life!

Meet someone special from United States. TO LAUGH,TO LOVE AND TO BE HAPPY. this is what is important to me,my firm priorities! I work so that I can play,not play so I can work.I have done alot of things in my life, been to alot of countrys,met alot of people(good & bad) ate things I couldnt pronounce,and lived in everything from a tipi to a semi,BUT the one thing I havent done, has been to find my BEST FREIND my soul mate,the one woman every man hopes to find and cherish. that is one reason Im here on this site, I’m a teenager trapped in a 48yr old body.. peter pan is MY hero!-BE ADVISED,I am without a doubt,an UNCONVENTIONAL COLORFUL INDIVIDUAL !.I love to sail,dive,and plan on meeting someone who would like to LIVE ABOARD our boat and dive for a living. a woman that love’s sundress’s,adventure and old teenagers!!
I MIGHT NOT be sexy, beautiful or have the perfect body. I may NOT be anyone’s first choice, but I’m a GREAT choice. I’m always ME and don’t pretend to be anyone else. I may NOT be proud of some of the things I’ve done but I’m proud of who I am TODAY!! I may NOT be exactly WHERE I want to be yet, but I thank GOD ! I’m not where I used to be I' have been around the world a few times,but i have been alone., i have been on my own since i was 14,i learned to drive a truck,search for oil and natural gas,(not taco bell)and travel the world,BUT i have done this all can be in a room full of people and still be the lonliest person in the me,been there/done that,tired of it!!!.i would like to find someone like me,some one who is diversified,who likes a challenge in life and love,excitement,discovery,and exploration,the best of these is discovery!i have a rough exterior but a soft interior..and i hope to find a woman that i will complement,like a fine wine,,my best friend and lover,someone i can TRUST!-are you like me? wondering and doubting that such a person exists for you?I think of this often,and wonder--once apon a time there was a heart so full doctors feared it would rip open ,or stretch too far. and then a little was given away here and there. and some as stolen. either way it was a healthy bleed. and the owner gave great breathes of relief for he was now able too see and the clarity was awe inspiring the rosy tint was gone and the future was crystel clear. ...........and then one step forward he went.
I have been here on this service for awhile now,,,and if you are from RUSSIA
then move along to someone else !!if I wanted to throw away money I would buy a honda !!
help me mr wizard! if i ever hear another woman say,THERE ARE NO GOOD MEN LEFT,

Date a man from United States. Beige is really not on my palette. I have an unusual fondness for bright vivid colors in my life. I lead an unusually strange existence. I love the idea of bicycling through Provence and admiring the landscape that inspired Cezanne and attempting to sketch a sunflower while clearly knowing, without a doubt, that I lack any real serious artist talent. I have laughed uncontrollably at a very dumb joke while in the produce section of a Whole Foods. I just got home from another New Year’s Eve on Bourbon Street. I am known for doing an occasional impromptu cartwheel. The last two were in the Main Lobby, by the fountains, of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and the Parking Lot of The Santa Fe Opera. I think it was Falstaff that night. I haven’t taken myself seriously since 1984 and I have never regretted that decision and stand by it still. I am new to the area and I am not sure I have found my place in it yet. I have a deep desire to find anything I consider to be real and true here but as of yet I have not found it in Arizona, however I travel a lot so maybe that is why I haven’t gone and found it. I try to live a very simple but very rich life. I sold my home once to help save the lives of disaster victims and get a children’s burn hospital up and running last year and it shocked my friends to the point they threatened to steal my dog and hold her ransom to make me come to my senses. Eventually, they all admitted they were wrong, and thus by default I was right, about this decision and that internally haunts them to this day. I have problem with thinking too much. I wish I could just turn that completely off and just sit in the backyard and watch the neighborhood bunnies eat the lettuce that I thrown out for them in the mornings. I love to be outdoors and that is where you will find me if I am not indoors. I love think tanks but hate the hard sofa’s they always seem to have. I have been called a Village Mench among my friends. At first I thought this to be a conundrum but I have grown to accept this responsibility with the utmost honor befitting a Village Mench. I used to race very shiny automobiles at speeds that make grown men smile deep inside and consider myself to be an adventurous when the need or opportunity arises. I am the Executive Director of a charity that does, among many other things, first response disaster work, did I mention I like to travel? I miss the Santa Fe snow at Christmas? I apologize in advance for not being the typical narrative but the idea of putting up a sign like a poodle for sale in a pet store window just rubs me the wrong way I suppose. If a life of vivid color is what you have always wanted … welcome.
Well my tea is done. Blessings and I wish you all the best in your journey.

Meet single man from United States. Hi I'm 6ft. 1, 195 lbs and work out regularly.... Im originally from Chicago. I have been in this BEAUTIFUL State of Arizona for about 2 years. Love It!!! . Im availible emotionally and mentally and knows what he wants. I'm Italian Great sense of humor, I don't take life or myself too seriously. . Im very content and comfortable in my own skin. LIFE IS GREAT. Throughout most of my adult life , I have always been in a commited, healthy relationship.. Im very Goal Orientated, Driven Guy...... Fiercly loyal to all thats important to me. Im a self employed Mortgage Broker.. real estate investor, Primarily focusing in Arizona, California and Nevada. I LOVE IT!!!! I love to travel, I love to take long week end trips. Golf, Dancing, Play the Drums and very spontanious. I love the company of an inteligent lady. I have a passion for cars and attend car shows all over the U. S. . I love going for drives to check out Architectural Designs of homes. Im looking for that special lady that apreciates a good man as I do a good lady. Chivalry is NOT dead. I open car doors, resturant doors... Send flowers, chocolates. I believe thats not being old-fashioned but to the contrary thats showing respect and exemplifying class.... I would love to hear from you. Have a great day

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