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Date people from United States. i am a texas boy so i would like a simple girl. a woman that wouldnt get mad if she got dirty, a woman that would like to just go and look at the stars or even the sunset. i would like a woman that is relaxed and not soo up tight about me messing up and if things dont go as planned not to get mad but to just have fun with it and make the best of it.

Meet a soulmate from Carefree, United States. Down to earth, 31 year old looking for the same. I love to laugh at myself and have a zany sense of humor. Never afrai to be myself. Someone who feels destined for great things. I feel as someone who is a dork and never afraid to admit it. I am humble and gracious.
I am looking for someone who can be funny, humble, and down to earth, never afraid to show her true side. Someone who loves life and is ready to settle down

Date single man from Arizona, United States. Yet another pretty lady is checking me out! Thanks for stopping by my profile. I'll be honest, its easier for me to make jokes then to just go on describing how awesome I am. I will give it a try though. To be able to self-summarize myself in just a few paragraphs takes talent all of its own, so keep in mind I am a talented man.
I am a software developer for a mid-sized company (see, nothing funny about that). It sounds like a dorky profession, but fortunately for the person checking out my profile, I'm not really a dorky person. I will admit I have my dorky moments, but even I can make dorky look cute! (Chalk up yet another talent!)
Okay, so 45 seconds into my profile (if your a slow reader, that's fine. Stick around anyway) and if your still reading this far into it, then my Internet charm must be working! I lived in Arizona till I was 18. I then moved to Indiana and wow what a change that was. I lived there for about 10 years, then moved to Baltimore. Baltimore is where I was born and its where my heart lies. In 2006, I moved back here to Arizona to help my mom. She needed some financial support and just some general help getting around day to day. I am very close to my mom. My dad is a different story and would definitely take up too much time to get into details about it.
I have an older sister. She is married and has 3 kids (two boys and a girl). I pretty much helped to raise my niece since she was about 3 up to about 16 (which means I have kid experience and I think that deserves another win in the talent column). They are all definitely awesome and anyone who gets the chance to meet them should consider themselves honored (perhaps that's overplaying it a little).
Lately I've been on an exercise kick (yeah yeah, my pictures don't do me justice yet), so I've been spending my free time at the gym. I really enjoy trips and especially road trips (perhaps with the person reading this) and even better, night time road trips (what's more romantic then driving together with the person you like under a blanket of stars). I also have taken flying lessons and I am close to a pilot's license. I also enjoy boating!
I consider myself a romantically-giving person. To clarify, I enjoy woo'ing the person I love and I enjoy doing random romantic things for them. That doesn't necessarily mean I need to be showered with romance myself (although it wouldn't hurt once in a while). When I love someone, I definitely give my full heart to the girl. She becomes my world and I do whatever it takes to make that person happy.
The only real requirement to any potential girl is that she has to be honest. I value honestly above everything else. In my experience and my observations, it takes, in my opinion, three things to make a romance last forever. Honesty is the first thing. If you can't be honest with the person your with, no romance will ever last happily ever after. The second is trust. Trust is earned, not given and it takes time to earn trust, but its essential. If you can't trust your partner or visa versa, then the relationship may last for a while, but it will never have that "forever" quality to it. The third is communication. If you don't feel comfortable enough to be able to tell your partner everything or visa versa, then there is probably a trust issue, which goes back to maybe it works for a while, but not forever.
So that's my outlook on life. I am an open book and you can ask anything!
So email me. What are you waiting for? Could I be any more awesome? Really? Email me!

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I must extend much thanks to for helping me connect with an absolutely incredible woman who I am currently dating exclusively.
In my month or so of dating via this site and the real world, in addition to my romantic relationship, I was fortunate enough to generate several significant friendships. As a result of the latter, I aim to remain on in hopes of continuing to expand my number of out-of-network plutonic relationships in the AZ.
Once again, thanks, I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to continuing to meet many new and interesting people. ;)

Date single man from Arizona, United States. Just on here looking to meet nice people who enjoy golf, and like to have fun.No, I am not just looking to meet golfers :-)~. Life is too short, so let's enjoy. I also spend time in Huntington Beach visiting my family.I lost my Step Dad in March, 2006 and my Grandmother in November, 2006.I am in California often it seems to spend time with the rest of them.You never know when you will lose someone, so enjoy all the time you have with loved ones. I like to dance,but don't care for the club scene. I like confident people, who know who they are and want they want. Please just be yourself and have fun. The movies are always nice, have to have popcorn, even if I have just eaten. Chocolate is my weakness, seems I can't get enough of it at times. I hope everyone has a good time on this site. Take care and hope to hear from some of you. After all, the purpose is to meet someone who makes you want to get off this site.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. So tell me about PJ...Why would you want to know him over the 1000's of others to choose from on this site?
Well, I'll tell you why :)
I enjoy meaningful conversations laced with humor...sarcastic, self-deprecating humor is my specialty. I am happiest when sharing witty banter with bright people. Wine and great foods are my passion. Honesty and a principle-driven approach to life is my conviction.
Communication is at the foundation of my relationships and the people that know me will tell you I am dependable and supportive, especially when things are challenging. I stick when others slide. Despite my responsibilities each day, I always find a moment to reach out to the people that matter-my family, friends and clients.
In general, I am an extrovert with introverted qualities. I can be at ease speaking in front of a large group (as I do often for my clients) but I crave my "alone time". I dislike dining alone in a restaurant but will go golfing as a single anytime, anywhere. I derive great pleasure in planning and love to map out new destinations and adventures. I thrive on making sure there is never a dull moment...
I prefer the discipline of exercise over the denial of a diet. My regimen varies from hiking to the “hamster wheel” (when I’m traveling). Bella, my German Shepherd, also sets a mean pace as she walks me each night I’m in town. :)
Travel, whether near or far, is an essential part of my life for business and pleasure. Although I am based in the greater Phoenix area, I spend a great deal of time in California. (Bella has the world’s best dogsitter) I love weekend getaways to the beaches of San Diego and the OC or the mountains of Breckenridge and Tahoe.
I truly lead a charmed life but it would be nice to have someone to share it with me. That's where you come in...
My special someone is a stable, funny, attractive, intelligent, physically fit woman. She is someone who challenges me with her mind and her will, but knows how to compromise as well. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go out and get it, personally or professionally. She is a best friend, a partner, a lover and a confidant. And she knows she will get the same from me.
Her beauty is in her complete package-her smile, her laugh and most of all her heart.
It seems to me the best relationships start as friendship and grow from there...if that sounds good, I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, I wish you well in your search. :)

Date people from Carefree, United States. I am looking for just and only one true; best friend, life partner, comrade in adventure, someone who challenges me intellectually and someone who is comfortable with expressing their passions, needs and desires. However, having a strong sense of family and old fashion values is as important as all of the above. Also, it would be nice if my partner shared my passion for the outdoors; hiking, running, camping etc…Equally important would be a passion for cooking, food, wine and entertaining and travel.
On my days off I really
Love my long morning mountain runs with the dogs, then a work out at the gym and usually home before 10am. Spend a considerable amount of time working on or around the house/property fixing, improving or just normal upkeep. Almost always prepare one great completely home made meal pared with great wine. I also enjoy competitive shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, golfing and tennis.
As far as a typical work day…there isn’t one. I work for a restaurant group as one of their project managers so I am always on the go about 30% of the time. My territory includes NYC, Boston, Dallas, DC and northern CA. with my busy schedule is in part why I signed up for this. I love wine and Cab is king for me and I kind of have a nice little collection of some of my favorites. My wine room is the first thing I built when I moved into this house and it’s my favorite room to relax in when I get home from work.

Meet men and women from United States. Someone who can look past surface issues to recognize the more important qualities that make a relationship work and thrive. I want to be upfront and candid with a prospective friend - I have been through 2 very serious motor vehicle accidents with head injuries. I was told I would never walk again, now I have 20 full marathons - some professionals said that I would never go back to college - I finished college with honors and now have an MBA. A person who can challenge me to bring out the best in me. A woman that continues to seek growth. She must be patient and respectful of others whose views are different from her own and can use this opportunity as a growth experience.

Date a soulmate from United States. I have a positive outlook on life and don't stress much on the things that are out of my control. My friends tell me that I am easy going, caring and listen well to others needs and wants. There are a variety of interests in my life, music of all types except rap, outdoor activities especially when weather is ideal, camping, beach, boating, water-skiing and snow-skiing when I can get away. I own my own business...keeps me busy...I am most at ease when work and play is at an to travel when work is finished.My ideal match is someone who is mature and has a positive outlook in life and feels good about themselves. I am looking for an active person who enjoys the outdoors and can get her hair wet in a hot tub, lake or swimming pool. I am not looking to acquire more trophies since I took my running shoes off years ago. Good company to enjoy weekend getaways, dinners, movies, healthy times together.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. Describe myself.... Hi Im Max, I have lived here in Arizona for over 30 years and was born and raised in the Midwest (Michigan) and miss the four seasons and playing in the leaves during the fall.
My friends and family would describe me as honest, trust-worthy, enthusiastic, and romantic, Im an Italian with a warm heart that knows its the little things in life that counts, from holding hands on quite walks to snuggling on the couch to a good movie or a quiet time together in the Pool or Spa enjoying good wine or acting crazy and laughing together even if its only us that gets the joke. sometimes just sleeping in on a lazy day spending that quality time together where its so quite the only thing we can hear is our breath.
I love meeting new friends and all that life brings. I love pets and yes they are family. I also enjoy cooking... yes I cook and BBQ.
Dont laugh even shopping! guys shop too- right? Eating healthy is very important to me to stay fit. I workout 4-5 times a week and should we workout together or go on a hike, camping, bike ride or walking in the rain ! I would say contact me !!.
A wink, an E-mail thats just the start thats where we break the Ice... never really know how or where that spark my start !
Family and love is everything and children are the most wonderful gift that life can bring.
I"m easy going with a good sense of humor with great energy and easy to be around. drama or anger is not an option.
I have my own Swimming Pool business along with House Cleaning and Landscaping divisions and love what I do because all three are helping others and that gives me a lot of satisfaction!!
Last But not Least.....
Always Smile and enjoy life with that special person the one that makes us glow from the inside each time our eyes meet.

Date people from Arizona, United States. Born and raised in wis, owned and operated 2 large stone corporations with other family members. sold out in 99 , retired, moved to az. to enjoy the rest of my life. now just want to live happily ever after.
Have always been a hard worker, but also now how to play hard to. I like nice cars, boats, and bikes. I have a huge heart , I'm very passionate, romantic and compassionate. I have a great since of humor and love to laugh . I like to make others laugh too . (some what of a class clown) Im a great conversationest.Love to love and love to be loved. Love being with the one i love, ("wow thats alot of loves") Will always stand proud and defend the one i love rite or wrong no matter what. always willing to talk about anything at anytime. always show respect the same way u want respect showen .Never ever go to bed mad at each other. now this is a big one , NO LIEING, love has no chance of growing with that in the mix .I have always been a one woman man and always will be. again i only expect the same in return. common since. Im not a player and i am looking for a long term relationship. All my photos are from the last three months except the one of me and my daughter, that one is from last year.Im not the greatest writer,im much better at talking The rest we can talk about when we meet each other . one other thing. you have to be a good kisser ! now lets go have some "FUN". O YEH I DON'T DO THE FIGHT THING ETHER. huge waste of time and effort. I have been told by many that I'm a one of a kind good guy ! In a good way of corase. Good luck to all.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. QUITE POSSIBLY, this may change our lives...
A sound relationship is built on a foundation of trust and friendship. I am a believer in accepting someone unconditionally for the being they are not some figment of an imagination or a "brainsoothe" only to discover a fortnight later what looks good, feels good is a mirage...can't have that...
ARE YOU READY to meet and share with this cultured, handsome till the wrinkle cream wears off (heh heh!), mannered, sincere gent who's ready for the journey of life, not a transit stop at Santa Lucia (Venezia). Considered affable, kind, well-traveled, well-heeled, romantic, funny, dexterous and ample in finances. Employment? Yes. Car? Yes. House? Yes. Funny? My last cow just died, so I won't need your bull anymore or this one liner, For sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain. Kids? No. Pets? A Betta named Edgar (love dogs, horses!). Attractive? Yes (in the words of Margaret Hungerford, "beauty is in the eyes.....") I've traveled extensively and have lived in cities from London, Paris, Dubai, Amman and many in the U.S. I am into fitness, well being, and sound nutrition. I assure you, I am not perfect nor make claims of such but in simple terms, I am a decent soul with traditional values and seek a loving soul to share this journey. Who knows, this may lead to a Tango of life or a cuppa java somewhere, etc.
LOOKING FOR: sense of humor, confidence, unconditional love, trustworthiness, spontaneity, courage, secure, compassion, values, unselfish, sweetness, feminine and "rolls with the punches." (in Amman from 10/10/2011 till further note).

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