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Date people from United States. I,m. Very nice some times to nice. Becases I care about other poeple probly to much. I've miss plased my trust alot and know I was miss placeing it caring about others. I what to be with some one who loves me for what I beleave in what I stand for my vaules and beleaves. That I can beleave in hers but are not alaways the same or at lest we arive at the same point from differnt angals. Some one who has her own oppinoin but isent hurt if are's differ some and is willing to share it and makes me feel free enof to do the some. Some one who trust me hole heartedly that makes me whant to do the same for her because of how honest we are with each other. Some how is willing to compermise as well as stand for what she sees as right even when it differs from my opinion, but would never let a diferance of that kind separt us rather make it a soresubject that tell one of us see thing difently is treated delikitly. That I can trust to do the same for me. I whant some one who always thinks the best of me even when she knows I'm wrong. Under stands me heart was inthe right place and my intchenes are only for the best. That makes me feel the same way tord her. Some how gits it when I tease a littil sarcasticly or fusishusly and under stands a lot of the time part of that is flurting and done to git her rihaled up just enof to almost git in my face but not and still git her atntion go just to git close and let her see it was ment to be funny honary and flurtashes enof to git her right where she whants to be and right where I whant her . In my arms! Some how is willing to let my grow to trust them slowly and dosent over react when she see I am. Some who makes me wish I could give her every thing she could possibly whant and love but understand just how unrealistic that is. Some who can make me laugh and brings out the funnyer side of me but is to cool with being sereuce a good majority of the time. Some to be my bestfrind if where going to spend a lot of time together we better git along after all! Ha ha. Some who thinks alike but arive at the same concluetion from a completly diffent point of view sometime. Gits that grate minds think alike and I see us as a lot alike which is often why I'm so in to you. Beleaves in god the father jeuse christ the son the hole spirt but isent releiges but spital. Unerdstand poeple hurt other poeple and if god stoped us from that that he would contole us and we would not have free chose. Gits me like know on elese and I do the same for her about how we under stand each other. I whant that person to be ablale to make me whant her like hell whant ice water and heaven whants the angal she is, and strong enof and weak enof to control my self a in the same token. I whant to make some feel like thay've never felt love tell we fell in love if you beleave real love is possibe I would like to meet U.;-) P.s I am still a guy some I think Stand a posablity at close that I feel close or inament with at a moment may not be the right one but I'm not aginst having fun with the wrong ones while I'm looking for the right one. Oooooww ya boow. Bow whoooo! :-)

Meet a soulmate from Cordes Lakes, United States. Hello There And thanks for stopping by.
Was listening to some blues the other day and really listened to a good song ."its too late to change now" . There was and is so much truth in that. I am who I am and pretty happy with myself . All the things I did up to now made me who I am . I wouldn't want to change That. Yea I can still learn new stuff and am open to new ideas , If there is a better way show me I will listen . The ability to agree to disagree is something every relationship needs .
I am very honest , Don't ask if you don't want to know . You might not like my answer . So here is some honesty about me. I hate to shave. I am not lazy and I don't think I look better with a beard (Actually am told I clean up real nice) . I just hate trying to clean up the sink and all those LIl tiny hairs, they get everywhere . Age has mellowed me alot . I still get mad , I am just over it in 2 minutes instead of a hour. I really don't like this online dating stuff. I can deal with rejection , this is just so dang impersonal . Face to face I can see interest or not before I even talk to ya . Here so many never even reply with a no thanks . Ok now that sounds bad "So Many" lol . No I don't send a message to everyone I see . I am able to laugh at my self and the world around me . I would like to find someone that can laugh with and at me . I know attraction is needed trust me I take very bad pictures . I think I was 6 or 7 when I decided I really didn't like my smile and stopped doing it for pictures, I try sometimes now.
I am From Az . It is without a doubt the best state IMO . I like being able to do all that it has to offer . I am Disabled and retired . I can still do most anything . it just takes a bit longer and I will have to rest more .I might have my leg removed below the knee . I will still be active. I think a gentleman should open doors for ladies , I feel good doing little stuff like that . I have done so much and still want to do so much more . I aint to scared to try new stuff . I have danced in a g-string on stage and walked on fire . I prefer Harley's to cars
What I want in a woman .........Wow that's a deep thought . cute ,funny , all that minor stuff pops right up . I think thats all great , yet superficial. I want a confident woman that isn't afraid to say and do what she wants . I want a Woman that really wants a friend . I want to be able to do something and watch those eyes start to sparkle . I really want to travel more so someone that can fly out to see me for the weekend would be awsome . Good grief this could go on forever . I really want a friend to simply share the rest of my life with . I warn you it was a long strange ride to this point and I see no reason to change that . It is alot more fun. I just got back from Alaska . Spent almost a month up there with my Grandma It was great.
I really don't want a 20 year old . No offence to you young girls who are really looking . I don't give out phone number or Email right away. The ones I did have just sent me spam . Id like to know your real and serious about finding a great guy . I'm happy to take you to dinner to see if we are compatible .

Date a man from United States. Basic, blue-collar with a twist(slightly educated, liberated mind). As financially stable as today's economy allows. Drug and disease free. Loves dogs and small humans. Small circle of loyal friends..

Meet a soulmate from Cordes Lakes, United States. I am an Arizona native, though my heart belongs to the Pacific North West where I lived for 3 years, one day I plan on moving back. I moved back to Az to be near family and friends. I just bought a house in Cordes Lakes because I am mostly a country girl at heart, though I do enjoy going to museums and the theater on occasion. I can go from t-shirt and jeans watching the game to getting all dolled up for a night out on the town. My faith, family and friends are very important to me. I am shy at first but once I am comfortable you will find that I have a quick witted sense of humor, you have to in my family!
I am looking for a guy who has moral values and a great sense of humor.

Date men and women from United States. i am very my quiet time...being lazy sometimes...always get more motivated if someone is with me.......i am looking for someone to watch movies with...yard fun...not possessive...i would say just someone to talk to and share daily happenings with...

Meet men and women from United States. I am a very bright yet naive, independent, flexible, feminine, warm, funny, laughing woman. I find joy and the best in nearly everyone and everything I do. I am looking for a happy, easy going man who likes boating, camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, and off-roading or other outdoor activities. Someone with a great sense of humor who has integrity, everyone says it but you live it to the best of your ability as I do. Your baggage will fit under the seat. My marriage was a relationship that valued faith, honor, integrity and honesty. Love is ALL. You must be passionate about love and life and I do hope to find a man that I can share that with. I'm trying to be tactful here as I don't want to attract the wrong kind of man, but an active and loving physical relationship (when appropriate) is important to me and I hope to you.
I could care less whether you have hair on your head or not, I care what's IN that head and IN that heart of yours:)
I want affection, great sex, fun, respect, romance, excitement, pleasure, emotional safety and support and a soul mate connection.

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