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Date a soulmate from Richland, United States. I have two five fingered hands, I have a bunch of toes and no hair on my back, so I guess you could say I am happy as a clam!! Let's see...what else. I love the little things in life, which means that I get just as excited as a little kid about many things. Thus I can be spontaneous with my thought just like a kid and will do things because it sounds fun! This doesn’t mean that I am a space cadet or irresponsible I just prefer to live an “in the moment” type of life. I also love to learn about anything and everything. Knowing just the name of something isn't enough, I like to know why it is the way it is, what does it do and so forth. If you happen to go through life with basic function we probably won’t get along. I will admit when I do not know something as well as that I am the worst at grammar thanks to Microsoft word. If there is a camera around I will do my best to hide, also I never take many photos because I am too busy enjoying what ever it is that I am dong to think about taking a picture.
About you:
You live your life mostly in the moment and understand that being serious all the time is boring. You can take a joke and don’t expect everything that comes out of my mouth to make perfect sense all the time. Can cook because I am horrible at it. If you set off the smoke alarm as often as I do then perhaps this could be something we learn together. You enjoy traveling and seeing the world you live in.
One random fact about me is that I am into fashion and have two broken sewing machines! Although I may not dress the part of being into fashion, I enjoy studying it. And yes I do critique what you are wearing in your photos but don’t worry it is not a bad thing.

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