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Date single man from Nevada, United States. Hi! Thought I'd try this out. I am bit shy at first, however once I get comfortable with a situation or person, I do open up quite a bit. I usually hang out with a younger crowd as far as the friends I am with at work and in my free time, most of them are in their late 20's and 30's, some 40's. So I guess you could say I'm a bit immature--but not in a bad way....I have no kids (just dogs!) and I tend to be more of a free spirit, and have more in common with those people as far as what kinds of things I like to do, being active/athletic/playing sports, etc. Many people my age or older that I know seem to be on a different page as far as what they are doing and how they think etc, so that may be why I usually socialize with people my age or younger.
I am definitely into sports, both watching and participating. So if you are also, that's great--we can discuss our favorite teams and see how many we can agree on! I also enjoy movies, all types of music (especially 80's/90's Alternative), and I love to travel. I am actually splitting my time between Laughlin Phoenix right now due to my business. I visit Vegas often. I've lived in Southern CA and have friends in Cali so I do get over there as well. I also am occasionally in Florida due to work reasons, about 3-4 times a year. I actually had been living there for a good part of the past 10 years. Although I sometimes opt for the fast nonstop flight to/from Orlando, I really do prefer to drive even though I have done it many times. I like the feeling of getting on the road and not getting off for a while, there is so much to see, it is such a great experience to explore our country. I've done it alone, but it's much more fun with good company!
I really enjoy exploring the desert, and mountains, and I also love the coast as well. Having lived in California and Florida, I've been able to explore several beach areas. My favorites would be Destin in NW Florida, and San Diego, I've lived in both places. I haven't yet been to Hawaii but I am looking forward to getting there sometime soon. I'm always open to checking out new places, that's actually how I have found some of my favorite spots.
I work in entertainment as a Stage Show Technician, and I also am a business owner, if you are curious exactly what I do then feel free to ask me! I am an animal lover of all kinds, but I especially love dogs! I have a somewhat timid but very sweet Chihuahua, as well as a loveable little Pug--she is sooooo funny and full of my biased opinion, everyone should adopt a Pug, they are loyal, fun, and will make you smile no matter what your day is like!
I am definitely unique, independent and a free spirit, and I definitely have a few goofy quirks (who doesnt?)...all silly, harmless stuff like the fact that I have a bit of a foot fetish--so hopefully you do take care of your feet! :). I always try to have FUN if at all possible with whatever I am doing! If you are looking for the usual, 9-5 (boring) behind the desk type, then I am not that guy. But I can be alot of fun especially if you dont take things too seriously and are not too rigid or judgemental.
Being shy at first often makes me hesitate to make the move to email. If you happen to notice that Ive checked out your profile more than once, and/or added you to my favorites, this may be the case! So if you are interested, please say hi! (yes, I know, its the guy's place to make the first move--I'll try to make up for it later!)
Hopefully I have gotten your attention and your interest up... if so, then say "hi"! There's obviously a lot more to know about me than what I can say on here....Hope to hear from you!

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