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Date a soulmate from Nevada, United States. Hello! Im moving to the Reno area next week for a new job. Im originally from Oregon but I have been living in the the Palm Springs area for the past year. I love the desert but I am really excited to be going back to a place that has winters. And snow!! My best feature is sense of humor. Ask anyone Im a funny guy. I quarantee laughter. I live a drama free existence and that wont change. The time you and I spend together will be for fun and pleasure. I worship the woman Im with. Its a tragedy what some of my gender do to women and I understand the pain. Having said that I will say this. I didnt do it to you and wont. . Lets just have some coffee or a drink. Talk about whatever and see what happens. .I know there is a great gal out there looking for a stand up guy like me. We just need to find each other. I worked in a vineyard in Oregon and the photo of me and the shotgun was taken before harvest last year. Keeping the birds off my grapes being the purpose. I assure you I am not a gun nut or killer. Unless you happen to be a starling trying to taste the wine Also, my beard appears a bit grizzly in some of the photos. I've recently discovered just for men for beards and am toning back the grey a bit. Not completely because Ive earned them and lets face it........nothing looks more ridicoulous than some dude trying to be someone he isnt.

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