Date men and women from United States / Arkansas / McRae, 35 year old

Date single man from McRae, United States. How do you describe yourself without souning conceited or like you are not happy with yourself...I will try to stay away from both.
I enjoy spending time with my daughters, they are a blast. They each have their own personalities but they keep me laughing. they have my humor which makes it fun.
I enjoy hanging with friends, whether it be out on the town, or watching a game/fight, or just at a fire outside one of our places. I would say that I must be pretty fun to hang around, because my friends usually want to come to my place on weekends or check to see what's going on.
I'm one of those guys who still believe in chivalry. Most guys now days(and some women) dont even know what that word means...feel free to google
I do not play video games, but I do play basketball on occasions as well as I run for "fun". I'm currently training for a half marathon. I'm not fast, but it keeps me from getting fat...
I'm looking for someone who can enjoy life and not worry consistantly about everything. I'm wanting someone who can enjoy a slow night relaxing or a fun night out on the town. I love to make people laugh, so I hope the person I find doesnt have an insanely annoying laugh(an occasional snort will be OK). I want someone who is independant, yet enjoys my company when we are together.