Date men and women from United States / Alaska / Chicken, 38 year old

Date men and women from Chicken, United States. Live in Alaska and was raised here. Born in Jackson Hole. Am a pretty relaxed sort of person with very active times of the year in business and play. Am ready to find someone to make a life with, but can take time to make sure it is the correct person.
Enjoy being in the mountains and the wilderness and have the toys to get us there as well as remote cabins and camps in Wyoming and Alaska. Like to travel, spend time with friends, build, and be with family. Certainly have a romantic side to me, but do not express it much in writing.
Am physically fit, and do many strenuous activities, but do not work at staying fit as my business is often times demanding physically. Would like to have someone who can enjoy some of this life with me, and will have some other interests I can enjoy with them. This is from the glaciers in the Wrangells, Wind Rivers of Wyo. to the surf at False Pass, a visit to Kona or ? in the off season. At this time I do not do much with the computers except when I really need to. So will look through the profiles and make some contact, but will switch to telephone when I can. Enjoy children, pets, good food, and good company. Like to host barbeques and other social acitivites within my interest groups.
Would like to meet an intelligent, nice looking person, who looks forward to a life of work and play-- eventually in support of a small close family. Would hope that we will have enough like interests that we can have fun together. And, that we have some complementary skills that make us a strong team for a lifetime.
Am still willing to learn and exploring mental and physical challenges with the right person would be very rewarding. I currently live a very basic life style and would leave most political and social activity to my partner or business associates.
Appreciate direct honesty, hard work, and thoughtful behavior with some advanced sense of adventure and humor.