Date men and women from United States / Washington, 58 year old

Date men and women from Washington, United States. Those who know me best will tell you I am hard working, smart, creative and open to new adventures. Sounds about right! I’d just add that I’m a man who isn’t afraid to take a chance. What else should you know about me? I’m a native of Phoenix though I’m no stranger to the rest of the country. My career is very satisfying and I enjoy what I do. I appreciate travel and experiencing new places. I’m always up to hop on a plane to the wine country, get on a cruise ship or just explore locally. I revel in good music, a great steak and fascinating conversation. I am both financially and emotionally secure. And I’m ready to open my life to that one special lady.
I won’t deny that physical attraction is important to me—especially initially. But I’m looking for a woman who is interested in sharing my adventures, big and small. She is open, honest and fun to talk to. She’s not afraid to start with a friendship and let things develop naturally. And she’s ready to get in touch and see what might happen when our worlds collide.

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