Date men from United States / Texas, 49 year old

Date a man from Texas, United States. I've just recently semi retired and I'm splitting my Time living in Arkansas and Texas. Still have to run my company but there is the beauty of Internet
Let me begin by saying I'm into fitness. I enjoy working out and being in good shape. I prefer to date someone who is either into fitness or takes great pride in staying in a healthy state. Thus my preference of slender or athletic and toned. I'd never rule out anyone there was chemistry and attraction
I just want to say that I'm an old fashioned type of guy, don't worry I know the difference between Louis Vuitton and Coach and The Ritz from the Ramada. I'm talking about the anchor pieces or cornerstones of life: honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, someone who treats others the way they would like to be treated. I know this sounds easy but it's rare to find in this day and age. People are so wrapped up with technology ( i.e. constant texting, tweeting, blogging etc.) that they have lost the basic skills of communication. Great communication leeds to successful relationships. Being open and Honest is a must as well. At this age we all have baggage, but I think it can be stored away.
I'm a great communicator so let's chat and see if there is enough interest to meet in person.
I know I'm not a Brad Pitt, but I am a person after we meet you'll walk away saying, he was a really good guy. I had fun!!

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