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Date men and women from Tennessee, United States. I'm an outgoing person. I'm happiest when I'm hanging out with close friends or family. I enjoy going out to eat and spending time at coffee shops. I prefer smaller groups over large crowds. I have a great sense of humor that can be a little sarcastic or dry sometimes. I love college football, especially the Alabama Crimson Tide. I'm currently in medical school in Tennessee after spending over 8 years in information technology. I would like to meet someone that shares some of the same interests and values. I was born in Tupelo, MS, spent most of my life in Tuscaloosa, AL. I'm a true southern gentleman most of the time and will open the door for you. I have also lived in Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN, and Houston, TX. I love going back to visit friends and family.

Meet people from Tennessee, United States. I prefer women who are open and honest. Good conversation is very important to me. I consider myself someone who is easy going, chivalrous, honest, and fun. The things that keep me busy when not at work are school, reading, and exercise; I'm goal oriented. I also like to get outdoors and do many different things like going to concerts, festivals, and parks - I'm always up for new things. I stay in shape by keeping active and eating right, but this doesn't mean that I'm looking for an exercise partner. I would like to meet someone who is adventurous, fun, and has a sense of humor.

Date a soulmate from Tennessee, United States. well.... i don't really believe in things like online dating but i thought i might give this a go just for fun. i recently decided to go back to school and thats pretty much it for me and my life.
i'm looking for someone fun and exciting who lives in tucson who also likes to chill and hang out. i'm puerto rican and don't speak a lot of spanish so i would love someone who would be able to teach me a thing or two.
oh and i just want to be honest on this thing so i just want to mention that i'm not really outdoorsy. i like to play sports (i'm horrible) but i'm not really a camper/hiker/mtn climber etc. just so you know
everythings fun in small doses though :-)

Meet people from Tennessee, United States. I have recently been relocated for my job, and i don't know anyone here in Little Rock outside of work. I would like to meet someone in the area that I can develop a relationship with and grow close to. A little about me: I love sports, flying, travelling, hunting, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. I work in banking and love my job.

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