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Date someone special from Ohio, United States. I recently relocated fromMontgomery Alabama to the Cleveland area, and would like to meet someone to spend time with, have dinner, drinks, or coffee. I am a physically active person and run three miles every morning before work. I am careful what I eat, and lift weights three times a week, so am in good physical shape.
Most people describe me as laid-back or easy-going. I try not to get too excited, and I very seldom lose my temper. I am thoughful, and love good conversation. I love spending time outdoors. I have a great sense of humor, and try to make the best of the situation. I can also be very serious. I am a highly ethical person (It is required in my profession), and have a strong work ethic. I work a lot of hours, so off time is special, and I'd like to share that time with someone special as well. Iam financialy stable. I have little time for games, so do not reply if you are emotionally unstable, have an attitude, or not serious about a friendship. I have learned the best relationships always begin with a strong friendship and respect for each other. If you poses the qualities I am looking for, please drop me a note.

Meet a soulmate from Ohio, United States. 200 character minimum....well, this takes care of 61 of them.
I am a fireman and I work in Iraq. I don't have a lot of time for the customary meet and greet dating scene. In fact I don't usually go on dates at all. I don't keep a little black book either. I get about 2 weeks off every 4 months and I spend at least 1 of those weeks with my son (depends what time of year it is and if he's in school). The rest of the time I spend elsewhere. I've been to Rio, Egypt, England, Azores, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Marshall Islands, etc. I've travelled a lot and it is usually alone. I would love to have a travel companion...someone that can be my friend and see where it leads.
I completely understand that I am in a very odd position for someone to think of "dating"..., so let's not look at it as dating. I'm not looking to hold someone to a commitment...that would just be insane and unfair. I am looking for someone that can understand my situation, be my friend and see where it leads. Pretty simple so far, right? If you're not laughing may want to see the humour in this because when I think of it...I can either laugh or cry...more than likely cry from laughing so hard at myself.
I don't put a lot of faith for trust in anyone or anything except God. I'm no Bible thumping, twice a week ask forgiveness, force it down someone's throat finatic. I believe in God and my son...that's about it.
If you've cheated in the past...please don't contact me.
If you drink all the time...PLEASE....don't contact me.
If you are into drugs....for Christ's sake....don't contact me.
If you can't tell right from wrong.....GO TO HELL!! :) and don't contact me...I'll see you soon enough :D Now that's funny right there! I don't care who you are.

Date someone special from Ohio, United States. Currently in the moving process from Los Angeles, where i've lived for the last 7 years, to Cincinnati, Oh. It will be a change for me for a lot of reasons, but i am looking forward to discovering all the City has to offer. Anyone know of any secret locations i should check out?
At this point the idea of the perfet date and falling immediately is a bit far fetched, but if i had a dollar for everytime i was wrong...well i'd have a lot of dollars. I would say i'm more open to getting to know someone doing things that are fun, interesting and pressure free. I would say i'm looking for someone with a great sense of humor and a great sense of self as well. I'm huge into music and try to go to as many live shows as my schedule allows. Painting, drawing, writing, live sporting events, dinners with friends or a BBQ in the backyard is how i enjoy spending most of my days. I stay pretty active with a variety of activities, but have no problem staying in with a good bottle of wine (or not so good) and watching a movie ( i have a mini collection that would rival any blockbuster) or board game night. I want to meet someone with an open mind to my likes and who can also share her own personality and passions with me as well. Family is very important to me, and my current relocation will get me closer to all of them. I am a very ambitious and passionate person and tend to work hard at the things i want most in life, career wise or for personal growth.
I'm a big personality with a great and quirky sense of humor. I want to get the most out of life that i can, and would like to meet someone to share those experiences with and who will introduce me to new ones as well.

Meet a soulmate from Ohio, United States. Well..I'm an Indian guy living in US for the last 13 yrs and looking to make friends here in I have a variety of interest right from yoga to astrology to energy healing etc. Reading,cooking and outsports are another good fun time for me.

Date single man from United States. Recently turned 48. I have a very stong and determined personality with great heart, lots of love, and extremely romantic to the bottom.
Hoping to meet someone who caring, loving would love me much i would love him. I am searching for my equal, a man who is not afraid of challanges and who believes in greatest love.

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