Date men and women from United States / North Carolina, 26 year old

Date people from North Carolina, United States. I like exercising, adventure, and fun. Love animals and I have a dog, live with a roomate. I work full time during the day in research. I like to dance a lot, and spend most of my spare time working out and bartending as my night job. I really enjoy learning new bartending tricks and meeting new people. I like working a lot, and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. The main man in my life is my almost 1 year old min pin Rocky Road. He cuddles me, always greets me when I come home and does almost every thing with me.
If you are looking for a "lady" or "classy" girl I'm probably not the one for you. Not to say I'm a floozie or easy. Im trying to say I'm the kind of girl with a worse than sailors mouth who on occasion likes to throw a punch. I grew up in the hood and managed to get myself through an ivy league education on my own. I like wearing bright loud clothing and am not the kind to dress like I'm straight out of the Gap or Hollister. I love who I am and looking to meet people who can accept that and not try to change me. I'm not your challenge so dont waste my time
I like meeting new people adventure the beach rock climbing and trying new things.
Also I didn't select my username ha ha match did but I left it because I thought it was cute.

All women
All 26 39 40