Date men and women from United States / New Mexico / Albuquerque

Date people from United States. I would consider myself a naturalist. Spiritually I’m a naturalist too. I value the beauty of the universe and the uniqueness of life on earth. I’m open minded about others beliefs. Good health comes from being comfortable in your beliefs and the comfort one gets from their beliefs so I’m not one to try to change anyone and really don’t want anyone to try to change me but I do like to talk about peoples philosophy about life.
I have worked at same company for 26 years as an engineer but I graduated as a physicist. Started my own company 30 years ago and plan to do it again.
I have had extensive opportunity traveling to places like Alaska, Kodiak Island, and Kauai for work. I have a farm in Estonia so I have been there many times meeting family. I have spent much time in Central America all countries from Mexico to Panama sailing.
I'm looking for someone easy going, flexible, understanding, and open minded, motivated confident speaks her mind. I like to talk to people and enjoy getting to know people.
I'm physically active, running, skiing downhill cross country, paddle boarding kayaking, and sailing. I have been a runner and skier most of my life and I have run several marathons and a few 50 mile mountain runs.

All men
All 55
All Albuquerque Clovis