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Date single man from Nevada, United States. Hi! Thought I'd try this out. I am bit shy at first, however once I get comfortable with a situation or person, I do open up quite a bit. I usually hang out with a younger crowd as far as the friends I am with at work and in my free time, most of them are in their late 20's and 30's, some 40's. So I guess you could say I'm a bit immature--but not in a bad way....I have no kids (just dogs!) and I tend to be more of a free spirit, and have more in common with those people as far as what kinds of things I like to do, being active/athletic/playing sports, etc. Many people my age or older that I know seem to be on a different page as far as what they are doing and how they think etc, so that may be why I usually socialize with people my age or younger.
I am definitely into sports, both watching and participating. So if you are also, that's great--we can discuss our favorite teams and see how many we can agree on! I also enjoy movies, all types of music (especially 80's/90's Alternative), and I love to travel. I am actually splitting my time between Laughlin Phoenix right now due to my business. I visit Vegas often. I've lived in Southern CA and have friends in Cali so I do get over there as well. I also am occasionally in Florida due to work reasons, about 3-4 times a year. I actually had been living there for a good part of the past 10 years. Although I sometimes opt for the fast nonstop flight to/from Orlando, I really do prefer to drive even though I have done it many times. I like the feeling of getting on the road and not getting off for a while, there is so much to see, it is such a great experience to explore our country. I've done it alone, but it's much more fun with good company!
I really enjoy exploring the desert, and mountains, and I also love the coast as well. Having lived in California and Florida, I've been able to explore several beach areas. My favorites would be Destin in NW Florida, and San Diego, I've lived in both places. I haven't yet been to Hawaii but I am looking forward to getting there sometime soon. I'm always open to checking out new places, that's actually how I have found some of my favorite spots.
I work in entertainment as a Stage Show Technician, and I also am a business owner, if you are curious exactly what I do then feel free to ask me! I am an animal lover of all kinds, but I especially love dogs! I have a somewhat timid but very sweet Chihuahua, as well as a loveable little Pug--she is sooooo funny and full of my biased opinion, everyone should adopt a Pug, they are loyal, fun, and will make you smile no matter what your day is like!
I am definitely unique, independent and a free spirit, and I definitely have a few goofy quirks (who doesnt?)...all silly, harmless stuff like the fact that I have a bit of a foot fetish--so hopefully you do take care of your feet! :). I always try to have FUN if at all possible with whatever I am doing! If you are looking for the usual, 9-5 (boring) behind the desk type, then I am not that guy. But I can be alot of fun especially if you dont take things too seriously and are not too rigid or judgemental.
Being shy at first often makes me hesitate to make the move to email. If you happen to notice that Ive checked out your profile more than once, and/or added you to my favorites, this may be the case! So if you are interested, please say hi! (yes, I know, its the guy's place to make the first move--I'll try to make up for it later!)
Hopefully I have gotten your attention and your interest up... if so, then say "hi"! There's obviously a lot more to know about me than what I can say on here....Hope to hear from you!

Meet a soulmate from Nevada, United States. I am a pretty easy going guy, who is completely re-creating my life. Having recently moved to Tahoe from Oregon via San Francisco, I am enjoying exploring the area. I am a lot of fun and am pretty outgoing with a diverse aray of interests.. I like to keep my mind occupied and never experience boredom. For me there are just not enough hours in the day to do all the things I would like to.
I love to check out live music and can sing pretty well myself(used to sing in bands). Hiking is one of my favorite past times and I really enjoy taking photographs of nature. I have yet to find any water falls...but look forward to exploring more. Im a pretty simple person...put me in nature , and I am happy camper.
During the last year I returned to school in order to make a career transition. I also completed a series of personal enrichment/growth seminars in Eugene that were very educational and empowering, focusing on being authentic, active listening, taking ownership, setting goals, and being vulnerable.
I love a good conversation and am a good listener. I have far too many interests to list here...but suffice to say I will pretty much try anything once. I am open minded, appreciate diversity, and believe that I can learn something from most everyone. I am a very compassionate person, and a good friend
I find it a little more difficult to meet people here than I am used to. In San Francisco people just kind of hang ...not so much outside of bars...and I am not really into the bar scene. I seek to find someone that I can get to know, spend time with, and see where that leads.
I think a cup of tea is a great place to start.
Thanks for reading...below are a couple of my favorite quotes.
"you don't have to see the whole staircase to take the next step" Martin Luther King Jr
"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

Date a man from Nevada, United States. I am a man who use to live in two cities. Now since I got full custody of my son I am living full time in Las Vegas as of August 2012. I live in the Summerlin Area of Las Vegas where I have my dream home.(smile) My son is 12 years old now. It is nice now that I can live in one city and not fly back and forth all of the time to the Bay Area which I have done for the last 9 years. I can now get to know someone and spend more quality time with them.(smile)
I would like to find a woman who understands that I do have full custody and I only have a limited amount of time to spend with her. It would be icing on the cake if I could find a woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and loves going to church too.(smile)
I am very patient, kind, understanding, and considerate of others. I like to joke a lot too. I like long rides to the wine country in Pahrump and going out to eat dinner in nice places.(smile) I love to cook but it would be nice to find a woman who can cook too so I can relax sometimes.Ha! Ha!

Meet a soulmate from Nevada, United States. Hello! Im moving to the Reno area next week for a new job. Im originally from Oregon but I have been living in the the Palm Springs area for the past year. I love the desert but I am really excited to be going back to a place that has winters. And snow!! My best feature is sense of humor. Ask anyone Im a funny guy. I quarantee laughter. I live a drama free existence and that wont change. The time you and I spend together will be for fun and pleasure. I worship the woman Im with. Its a tragedy what some of my gender do to women and I understand the pain. Having said that I will say this. I didnt do it to you and wont. . Lets just have some coffee or a drink. Talk about whatever and see what happens. .I know there is a great gal out there looking for a stand up guy like me. We just need to find each other. I worked in a vineyard in Oregon and the photo of me and the shotgun was taken before harvest last year. Keeping the birds off my grapes being the purpose. I assure you I am not a gun nut or killer. Unless you happen to be a starling trying to taste the wine Also, my beard appears a bit grizzly in some of the photos. I've recently discovered just for men for beards and am toning back the grey a bit. Not completely because Ive earned them and lets face it........nothing looks more ridicoulous than some dude trying to be someone he isnt.

Date a man from United States. Gold mines (abandoned), ghost towns, remote mining camps, quads, jeeps, bottle digging, have a mining museum (closed), simple easygoing fun. Me..? i live in rural Nevada and have family in Maine. nevada has more mines than any other state. and there is no close second. .. looking for desertrat ladies, not looking for ladies that go out clubing. i love remote areas and getting away from "man". exploring the back roads, abandoned mines, camps and small ghost towns. my life isn't Gold's gym or the dance club. most would find it boring, but i like it.
i change the city on my header, to help do searching.
other interests are panning for gold, prospecting and playing with mining claims, some bottle digging, token screening in town, rock hounding, dump scratching, a little metal detecting.. and collecting for the mining museum.
after high school i mined underground (utah) thru my 20s. the '82 reccession left me looking for a new career. moved east for a good job doing service work at several of the nuclear power plants. in 1995 i quit when i turned 40 and moved to nevada. the money is poor, but the life is rich.
i've always owned a 4wheel drive. tho 4 years ago i started using a quad to explore. have good health.. all my fingers, teeth 95% of my hair. i'm irish/Swiss with just a touch of doberman. don't do crazy stuff like... jumping out of planes, bungie jumping, cliff climbing or joining the liberals. but exploring 100s of feet underground is cool.. and safe.. i think??
can't play the guitar, drums or even spoons. sorry.. i'm NOT religious..NO bible thumpers... tho i'm still sympathetic fair. dress casual, keep a clean orderly home, clean body clothes. file and save records too much. conservative, but not a republican. don't care for bush or obama.
political views..? give women free choice on abortion. close ALL the borders. tho i don't do any drugs.. it's time to legalize pot. 10 years of war and over 4000 dead young men women. it's sickening, we need real leadership. bush obama are losers. gays..? should have limited rights. no teaching in school, no going in military.
i'm 80% a loner. always own a friendly female doberman. when up in the hills it's usually just me and the dog. but i do socialize, go to the city, do crowds.. love a rock concert. eating at Outback. like greasy spoons like denny's and east coast Waffle House. or the local pub (we have two) for some pool or NFL. or some friendly poker at someone's home. i'm not the life of the party, don't have an outgoing personality, but nor am i shy. prefer small groups, like 4 to 10.
my weight is 205, but my healthy weight should be 180#s. yes.. i eat anything. never had TV "service" till 2001. (marriage) tho i would rent movies sometimes. just ended an 8 year marriage 4 years ago. no real drama.. just not much in common. i liked the mountains and she liked romance novels and romance movies. and lot's of'em. "we" had no kids, but she had 4.
don't hunt, fish or own a gun. tho i'm an NRA member. would like to try hunting tho. every time i go to buy a gun.. i end up with another mining artifact. Can't dance. could learn, tho highly unlikely. attend church about twice a year.. all funerals. have had very long hair at times, tho now it's very short. like classic rock, some 50s honky tonk, some blues. the Doors, Stones, Seger, Carol King
Patsy Cline, Dwight Yoakam, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lynyrd Skynyrd
might be look'n for a lady that's 1/2 desertrat, 1/2 hippie, girl next door, tomboy, 1/2 hillbilly, 1/2 redneck... is that too many 1/2s..? wow.she's gonna be 500 pounds!!
i am romantic to you only. but not a flirt ever.. i'm intimate, affectionate, realistic, practical, one woman guy.
now you know as much about me as my doberman... Later...
some search key words; quads quading jeeps jeeping caves caving placer gems minerals atvs geocaching 4x4