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Date men and women from Nevada, United States. Hello! Im moving to the Reno area next week for a new job. Im originally from Oregon but I have been living in the the Palm Springs area for the past year. I love the desert but I am really excited to be going back to a place that has winters. And snow!! My best feature is sense of humor. Ask anyone Im a funny guy. I quarantee laughter. I live a drama free existence and that wont change. The time you and I spend together will be for fun and pleasure. I worship the woman Im with. Its a tragedy what some of my gender do to women and I understand the pain. Having said that I will say this. I didnt do it to you and wont. . Lets just have some coffee or a drink. Talk about whatever and see what happens. .I know there is a great gal out there looking for a stand up guy like me. We just need to find each other. I worked in a vineyard in Oregon and the photo of me and the shotgun was taken before harvest last year. Keeping the birds off my grapes being the purpose. I assure you I am not a gun nut or killer. Unless you happen to be a starling trying to taste the wine Also, my beard appears a bit grizzly in some of the photos. I've recently discovered just for men for beards and am toning back the grey a bit. Not completely because Ive earned them and lets face it........nothing looks more ridicoulous than some dude trying to be someone he isnt.

Meet a man from Lockwood, United States. I can't help but wonder how it would be if, oh say, Margret Mead filled out a profile on match. Or how 'bout Van Gogh, what would some things he couldn't live without be? Would one of his pics show a bandaged ear? Or how 'bout going all the way back to square one. Eve. Her self-summary could start out, " OK I know this is silly since I've got the only guy there is, but I love to travel and ......" so here's what I'm thinking I'm thinking you and I need to hook up have way too much fun being our best bad self's till we glow which we can do because we're older and know how we'll be art cause pause smiling the whole way now on with the show Hello ! Hello ! From someone more interested in production then consumption Someone who will be working backstage if I don't get a part in the play Someone's who's not afraid to put a brushful of paint on a canvas having no idea where the painting's going ? I eat like an old world peasant look like a movie star think like a god and I suspect sarah palin is part of an alien conspiracy so what do ya think worth a note ?

Date a man from United States. UPDATE 6-3-12 not currently a member but read on.
A lot of water has gone under the bridge since writing the bio that follows. I am 65 and as life enthusiastic as ever, if not more. However a funny thing happened on the way to a peacful semi retirement. Writing is my soul's code and I will write up until my last breath; which the banking community seems to be trying to hasten. For the last three years I have prevailed in court with a suit on my own a la Erin Brockovich. The experience is the greatest that I've had as a citizen of the United States.
The little winery that I started, the Volo Del Corvo which means the "flight of the crow" or "as the crow flies" in Italian (I love Italian if you have Italian heritage, extra points) has taken a back seat to the suit. My book has been well received if not on the NY Times list, it has received aclaim. I have a blog on my site if you take a hint from the preceeding sentence, you can find it and contact.
When I get the legal thing settled, I am planing an extended road trip that will be a search for a second home or maybe primary: looking for the greatest beach hut in the world. So if I send a like to one of your pics, it is warning that the road show may be coming to your neighborhood...or an invitation to ride along. It might even extend to Central and South America. I am leaving the rest of my story as written two years ago. Oh, the main pic was taken Jan 2011.
I am a writer who has started a winery as the banks gave their party in '08. I would like to be able to live by the Tibetan monk's impossible valedictory, "May every thing you say or do result in good." In reality, I just try to do the right thing. My new book is coming out and my wine is coming on the market. I am 63 doing the work of two 35-yr-olds. Active, and adventure seeking...would rather talk to you than write. I have stories to tell. All pics are taken in the last two years. The cookie and wine from last Dec.
To explain about wanting more kids. It is neither a deal maker or breaker. I would like to have projects in common with you and parenting is one of the greatest.
About body type: I used to run marathons. I now get my workouts working outside. I am athletic, healthy--very. If males
are supposed to peak at 18, then I am 19.
You are bright, healthy, have a healthy libido, conscious, active. open-minded, and like to read and love wine. I have led a life that my step dad described as being the best managed of anyone's he had known. If you had known him, you would understand the weight of the statement: he was the best man I have ever known. If past performance is any indication of the future, there is a real frolic in store. I love women. My book is dedicated to all of you.

Meet someone special from United States. i have long dark brown hair dark brown eyes .....i lk funny guys who keep me happy and spoil me and dnt put me dwn everytime and that keep a smile on my face :) always and tat treat me good and loves being wth family and having a good time

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