Date men and women from United States / Idaho / Sagle

Date people from United States. I am an adventuress and pioneer tendencies. I have lived off the grid for a period of 19 years, yet taught elementary school for 30 years not too far from my sanctuary. Moved from the desert of S,=. California to the mountains and lakes if the Panhandle of Idaho. I love to be close to nature--in fact, I have to. I can't live in neighborhoods. I am an Army brat and was fortunate to live in Germany and went to high school there. Moved to many states as a child. I am a defender of the underdog and fight against injustice. My goal is to be a blessing to others and appreciate the goodness and gifts of God. I do have a sense of humor and known as a friendly, caring person---a rock.

All women
All 63
All Nampa Sagle