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Date single boy from Florida, United States. I am a christian white male. I like playing and watching all types of different sports, especially football and soccer. I enjoy going to movies, concerts, and to the theater. I also like to spend time with friends and play cards and hang out.

Meet a boy from Florida, United States. My name is Corey,
I am in school to be a Doctor ... a diagnostician or a surgeon. I have my own business, and a full time job but medicine is my new passion.
I love the Performing Arts (I went to a performing arts school), photography, movies, food (eating) im an undercover fatty, hanging out at home, midnight tag in the woods lol, etc.
I'm not like most guys, and 15 minutes spent around me will show you... I'd bend over backwards for my friends and give them my shirt if they needed it. I carry the motto that you do something right or don't do it at all and be respectful to others and you'll be blessed. I'm not big into the whole clubbing thing not really on my agenda but I do enjoy going out every now and than for a good beer!
I have two kids whom I love very much and try to be around as much as possible, so with that said anybody who can't respect that isn't worth my time.
I want someone who knows what she wants in life or has a good head on their shoulder and won't settle; that doesn't mean I want a boring girl someone who's fun is a must. I don't really have a specific physical type but I am a sucker for blue and green light eyes.
Okay anyways I think I talked too much so if your interested email me

Date a man from Florida, United States. I'm cool and peace loving who listens to accept corrections and with respect. As a field Engineer I spend much time to read and develop new approaches to immediate and pressing problems. I admire skills and maturity. I want a reliable lady that cares and values love . The world is peaceful and global village when it starts from good home.

Meet someone special from Florida, United States. I grew up in Ecuador and Miami, FL. I decided to try onlline dating because I am a graduate student, so it is hard to meet new people. I am very thankful about my education though because it has allowed me to be curious about many aspects in life and meeting very interesting people. One of my favorite things of my career is that allows me to travel around the country for conferences.
I am looking for a (hopefully, you as you read this) is a strong, confident, independent woman who would like to share adventures in life. An adventure ranges from having coffee at any time or maybe going to Paris ("We'll always have Paris") or even trying a new cooking recipe or dancing lessons. A person to share life’s challenges and support each other as we grow.
About me, I am nerdy, yet romantic and kind of funny. I try to put passion into everything I do. My friends described me as a good listener, hard working and very social. I often send postcards from the places I visit. I speak Spanish and English, but I am always trying to practice my Italian and Portuguese with foreign films, going to restaurants, reading and so on. My cat has been with me since I was 12 years old, but he lives in FL with my mom and sis. Unfortunately, my apartment building does not allow pets. Family and friends are important in my life. In my spare time, I like to watch movies, catch up with TV shows, play/watch soccer, play video games, practice swing dancing , working out and cooking, especially new recipes.
Looking forward to hear from you,

Date a man from United States. I am a loving and giving type of person who has, unfortunately, been involved with women who take advantage of those traits. I enjoy life and all that it has to offer.
I have been an executive in the medical industry and have enjoyed making friends throughout the medical profession.
In regard to a relationship, I now want to simply find someone who can share my passions and be a true partner, not a taker.

Meet single boy from United States. What can I say, I will strive to become a better person everyday I live. I love to smile and take crazy fun trips! I don't have a job, I have a passion, I am a national speaker in the area of psychology and life achievement. I love to dance for fun, salsa, hip hop, break dance, shuffling. It keeps me moving and creative on my feet. I'm usually involved in some sort of volunteer organization, because we must give others what we wish to receive in return.
If you're interested then this is WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE TO ME: 1) Have a healthy lifestyle! 2) Want to squeeze the juice out of life( and i do NOT mean the the last drop of beer from the bottom of the keg from last night). 3) You want someone who has both of the first 2 qualities. 4) Love the outdoors 5) You have good energy and you are looking for the same! 6) You need (not just want) balance in your life and in your time. 7) Playful and not afraid to show it. 8) Strong heart, strong will, and a strong woman who can be independent.
If this sounds like you then I would enjoy meeting you, lets get together and have coffee and see where the conversation takes us....
I will create an extraordinary life, and an incredible story... will you help me write it?

Date single man from United States. I'm big on the environment, ocean lover and give yearly to OPS and Sea Shepard organizations, watch the Cove if you haven't seen it yet!
I'm a sports guy (i'll be honest), I have my "man-dates" with my buddies Sunday/Monday when possible. I'm loyal, and goofy (as some people have described me), and I can engage easily with people I don't know.
I've worked hard to get my education and my current job. I'd like to find someone with the same ideals.
One of the pictures in my profile is my punishment for playing paintball for the 1st time!
"I don't think women realize just how hard it is for the average guy to walk up to a complete stranger and try to strike up a conversation. It is exceedingly difficult to work up the courage to do that and obviously we're not going to approach you if it seems like you might shut us down if we don't fit every one of your personal standards." -My favorite dating quote.

Meet a man from United States. I just turned 36 last month and really sceptical about online dating but I'm here, you're here so let's try and give it a shot. I was in Miami for several years which I loved and now I have recentley returned. I have grown to love the west coast although I will always be an east coast guy deep down. I'm from Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) originally and I really loved growing up there. I played baseball and ice hockey all my life and played minor league hockey until my early 20's. I went to college in DC and after I was done with school I moved to Miami I suppose to goof off after school and take some time to figure out life......
I have always been dealing in exotic motorcars. The business has always been very good to me. I have started with my friend and business partner a online boutique that deals in these cars exclusively.
I love to ride my motorcycle when I have some down time or go out to a good restaurent and hit a movie. I also like to go see comedians when they come to town and I am really looking to do some traveling this year as well. I love to stay in as well and just lie around and be a bum sometimes too. It's always better with good company..... (please insert yourself here) Not really into the club scene anymore but I still admit I love techno, trance, etc.... as that is all I used to listen to years ago. I also like Classical, Blues, Jazz and anything chill or "loungy".
I am looking to share my time with someone who is decent and kind. No drama or craziness please, just someone who is looking for the same thing. Someone who is around my age and wants the same thing more or less. I hope I find her soon, because there are some great things coming my way and I want to share those moments with her...... Thanks for reading and good luck with your search....

. A little about me: Well, I first landed in Los Angles CA when I was 18 and grew up in and around Santa Monica for 10 years. I transferred to San Francisco, to finish college, with my West Indian, British, LA background. I guess you can say, I’m an internationally "Mixed Mutt.” I'm from the West Indies and was raised there, in England and then hear in the US. English is my first language, but I do have a British, Irish, West Indian, accent and I also have the typical Californian, English accent. People tend to say I have 2 very different accents.
So now, I'm an educated, well traveled, international, that'e s worked in the .com world of the Silicon Valley for 10 years. My last 14yrs in San Francisco CA, had definitely taught me much more than LA did but, I must admit, I still love LA and it's beaches. Oh yes, I must also admit I have a major, true and avid love for music! This should let you know what kind of taste I have. Artists from Pink Floyd, Sting, Seal, U2, Sade, Police, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Moby, Nightmares On Wax, Journey, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Buddha Bar, 2PAC, Dr Dre, Notorious B.I.G., NAS, DMX, and then Bob Marley. I listen to 80s / 90s ROCK, RnB, House, POP, New Age Retro, Old School Hip Hop / Rap and then there's my true love for all the different styles of REGGAE Music. Reggae is actually my first music.
I'm sure we have something in common. I'm Into different kinds of art's and entertainment as well. From comedy, art galleries, live music concerts, plays, and live orchestras. Yes, I’m into many other things like just getting out, wining n dining, dancing and Movies. I'm into mountain biking, horses, snowboarding, long distance running, tennis, racquetball, the beach, the beach, the beach, and I love bodybuilding /free weights, or should I just say the Gym. Yes, I do love to travel and travel on a whim. I've been through many passports and I tend to travel more with you.
Ok, so now I'm hopping to meet a woman like you that knows what she wants, where she's going and just who she is. I'd like to have some common or even similar interests between us, an attraction, and a true chemistry for us to start off everything. YES, I know how to build an honest, loyal, and loving relationship. I'm only interested in starting up something real. The most important things I'll need, to build this, is good communication between the two of us, humor, your joy, our laughter, a social and an independently fun, outgoing, bright mind of your own. No Insecure mentality will be needed. The rest's really all up to you with your original and true self.
So now what about you? Have you ever given a man roses? Whens the last time you were the only one laughing? What's one place you’d really love to visit or re-visit? Tell me something good about yourself and please keep in mind, I'd like to see some recent photos of you.

. I'm everything your looking for and a bag of love! What are you suppose to say here?
I'm not applying for a job so I'm not gonna try to sell myself! I have a killer smile, great laugh, I'm loveable, and kind to a fault. Will give the shirt off my back to someone in need.
I am not looking for a Mrs. Howell or her millions, I'm not looking for a momma's girl, I am looking for someone that has already gone thru her second childhood and now wants to play with his main squeeze and not her buddy's. Not saying ya can't hang with yer friends but can't we find some mutual friends to hang with together? We all need our space I can certainly appreciate that, as I like my own too!
I prefer the simple things in life that most of us walk right by cuz we have our nose to far in the air to see it or smell it. I would rather be camping in the woods then hanging at the holiday inn.
Anyway, I'm just the guy next door lookin for the girl that used to tease me and knew deep down what true love was back in the day! Remember that? Been awhile huh?
i am caring and loving.
i am allergic to ignorance.