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Date people from Colorado, United States. I'm a relaxed, straight forward person who likes to better myself in my job. I'm old fashion meaning i'll be sweet, caring, and respectful towards you but it doesn't mean i'm a person who is weak. I like to make people smile and laugh a lot with my corny yet dumb jokes. What i would like in a woman is that she must know what she wants to do in her life, doesn't depend on any person at all, willing to try new places or show me around since i barely moved to Colorado. Last but not least she has to be a person who wants to have a good time as in enjoying conversations and have fun all the time.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. i am a social introvert, do not talk too much and prefer to listen. i am looking for a girl that is willing to accecpt me for who i am and is not opposed to cuddling. i want to find someone who can care about me as much as i care about them and who i can spend the rest of my life with.

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Im honest, and to a point i believe that tmi isn't always a bad thing, open and flowing communication is the key to a good realtionship in my book, if you cant be who you are with who your with you shouldnt be with them, your partner is a part of you once that bond is made, and both parties must contribute in order to be happy and fufilled in their relationship, forgivness is also a big part of who i am, anything anyone does against me can be forgiven, none of us are perfect we will all fail and mess up, and thats ok. Were only human. I'm sorta awkward in my own opinion, but i am just real, i don't lie about what i'm thinking or how i feel. If you ask me a question i'm going to be honest if you want an opinion ill give you mine. however i'm not one of those people who thinks because you asked me you have to agree with me, i'm acceptant of new ideas and opinions and i try to think before i act, i'm looking for a girl who can and will be herself. no masks no games just be you, and ill be me. and one way or the other we will see if it works, i love all kinds of music, some of my favorite artists include but are not limited to, La Dispute, Radiohead, HORSE the band, Stray from the path, jack white(white stripes,raconteurs,the dead weather) the kills, copeland, ect. i can be really corny and hyper sometimes but not at the wrong times, i know how to be respectful, i only have a small handful of friends that are scattered throughout Colorado so i make trips to longmont and loveland every now and then. my friends do not have to be your friends but your always more than welcome to meet them and chill with us. Im sorta in limbo with my "career" but am currently working at Qdoba, but am looking to try and go back to working for Snooze A.M. Eatery (better money, lots of tips) basically i want to love someone, like really. i want to go on random walks, and hit up Pete's kitchen at 1:00 am, i want to go on a road trip, go bowling, hangout and watch wanes world, i'm a 90's kid i'm weird and messed up but aren't we all?

Meet a guy from Colorado, United States. I'm known for being thoughtful in nice and generous ways. Other then my nice side, I'm also a spontaneously adventurous person that would do off the wall things that other people wouldn't dare doing, like in public I'd probably jump over a car or anything that I can think of at that moment. I'd just us my athleticism to the fullest which is probably why I'm called and show-off but it's just me, I not just going to walking tediously down the side-walk doing nothing except walking. I just always got to stay active, in result, I love playing sports and been playing sports my whole life with my other 3 brothers. I really enjoy playing sports with friends and family along with any other activity I'd be doing at the time.
There's much more about me to but I'll tell you the rest when we start getting to know each other better and hope I can find some one who I can share this activities with and enjoy it.

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. I'm trying this to meet new people in the area that I haven't crossed paths with yet. What I would like to find are some new friendships and a relationship if the person seems right. About myself: I am an easy going and drama-free guy that is hard to upset and can get along with most anyone. The outdoors are my greatest passion and where I spend a lot of my time. Anything from hiking and gardening to going mountaineering for the weekend. That being said I also enjoy doing nothing and being lazy some days. I am less of a social person, preferring to have fewer friends that I hangout with more. When I really connect with someone I am a great and very loyal friend! I'm really just looking for people in my area that i haven't met that share some of my interests. So if you think we could have fun together let's meet up! If it turns out we're two totally different people then we go our separate ways, but we could find something great! You never know so why not try.

Meet single boy from Colorado, United States. I love all kinds of women and I am a great guy! I am not a heart breaker! Come at me ladies! I love to have fun!!! I am adventerous and fit. :) Golfing is my thing and I definitly want a lady interested in that!

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Hi. My name is Jordan. If my good friends were to describe me, I believe they would use words such as easy going, friendly, and down to earth. When someone first meets me, they might describe me as a quiet person. I don't not like to speak my mind until I really know someone because I don't want to offend. I try to find a smile in simple things, and enjoy life. I am definitely an optimist and I always try to find positives in life. I am always hopeful for the future and what it holds. I love to have fun and enjoy trying new things. I am grateful for having an awesome family and friends who are fun to be with. Whether that be playing video games, or just watching a soccer match on tv. I'm always up for new things. I enjoy spending time outdoors doing anything from cycling to frisbee at the park, or just staying inside any watching whatever. I'm a soccer fanatic and love to watch it or play it, but I really do watch every sport. I like going to restaurants with my family as they are a fun crowd to be with. The kind of person I am looking for must be trustworthy. Fidelity is very important to me. Also someone who lives in the moment, and is laid back. I would consider myself open minded, so there is not a whole lot that can bug me about someone. I'm just looking for a fun person to be with and enjoy time with. It's simple as that really.

Meet people from United States. Hi my name is Chris and I'm a proud Colorado native. I plan on staying here for the rest of my life but continue traveling. I work hard and play even harder. I'm a very athletic person. I love to snowboard and snowmobile during the winter and wakeboard and basically anything I can do on my boat during the summer. I do a lot during the summer and really looking for someone that has the same interests or willing to learn things with me. I attend church every Sunday and youth every Friday. I have surrounded my life with church and nothing but positive and great people. I have several tattoos and every single one has a meaning of my life behind them and if you haven't notices but yes I listen to country. Well thanks for taking the time to read this and hope I didn't bore anyone!

Date men and women from United States. i've always been a down to earth quiet person and i feel like love keeps passing me by or i can't seem to find it in people around me. im hoping to find a brilliant beautiful girl who enjoys spending time with as much as i do with her and who can enjoy the simple beauties of life as much as possible

Meet someone special from United States. Fair warning! I am a nerd! If you don't like nerdy things, probably isn't the best place to look.
Anyways... What to say about me. well for starters I am a really silly person, who enjoys living life to the fullest. I play Video games, watch movies, venture the outdoors, and hang out with my friends. Most of all I love my two passions Acting and Art. I hope to one day become an artist for comic books, and act on the side. in cool indie cinema theater. I am a Junior at UCD and I am majoring in film art. I also tried playing guitar for 4 years. Sadly I have kinda put that on hiatus, but hope to pick it up again at some point. So basically I enjoy all things creative, and am a strong supporter of giving everything a fair shot. I think being creative is one of the most important things in life. :) I could seem shy at first. But when you get to know me I will prove to be out going, and down to try new things. So please give this spontaneous lovable goofball a shot! Thanks!

Date a guy from United States. Where to start... I'm a Boston boy. I'm confident, witty and positive. You'll never catch me without a smile on my face! I love and appreciate life. I've been an active rugby player for sixteen years. I'm attending school for philosophy, then off to get my law degree. I believe in the saying "you get what you work for, not what you wish for", with that being said I'm constantly working on being better and more successful than I was yesterday. In my down time I like to go golfing, attend sporting events and travel! Anything else? Just send me a message!

Meet a boy from United States. I am looking for a smart, straight headed cute funny girl that loves to laugh and have fun so anytime u wanna chill with a good loSpirituality oking guy get at me. I love to have a good laugh and need a girl who will like to laugh as well and she has to make me laugh fo shizzle!!! Im abt 6'2 nd 165LBs, im very smart. I love being with close family nd friends having fun. My family is a huge part of my life so my match must be close to her's. I love to relax at home nd cuddle up for a nice funny movie :). I am also very spiritual guy, I love life so much nd want a woman i can love just as much!!!!!!!!