Date men and women from United States / Arkansas / Wiederkehr Village, 56 year old

Date a man from United States. I consider myself a very lucky man. I survived a very rare form of bone cancer 20 years ago and am trying to make the most of my second chance in life. I would like to find a fun loving easy going person that does see the glass as half full. One that is truly trying to make and find the most out of life.
I learn from my mistakes and I know that no person is perfect. We are perfect in the eyes of one person.
I love to laugh and be with friends and family. I have two brothers and three sisters and we are all close. Family gatherings are the best party of the year and fun and relaxation with great food are the object and goal.
I want my match to be my best friend. One that I can share anything with and work through any difficult times or challenges side by side.
I want to tease and joke and laugh together. I want to be there for each other when we have had a bad day. I do want to have a spiritual relationship with God as I have been raised Catholic. Being a divorced Catholic that may be a temporary challenge for me but it does mean a lot to me.
I have a grand daughter that is the most amazing experience I have had in my life. Holding her only minutes after she was born. Spoil her any chance I get.
I do love kids and my neices and nephews are a joy to me. I have two grown children my daughter is happily married with a daughter and my son is soon to join the Navy. I will truly miss him as we live and work together in the family business.
Each day is a blessing and a new adventure. That is how I see life. Try not to sweat the small stuff. Some days that is harder to do than other but it my goal and focus.