Date men and women from United States / Arkansas / Ogden, 39 year old

Date a soulmate from Ogden, United States. HELLO
I am looking for someone who wants to be friends. I would love to have someone to go out with and have someone to chat with.
Things I like to do:
1. fish
2. read
3. shop
4. travel
5. movies
6. dine out
7. walk
8. cook
9. I love music
Things I would like to do this year:
1. go to Billy Bob's
2. go to Dallas shopping
3. go to the horse racing
4. go to Silver Dollar City
Tv shows I like:
1. Kitchen Nightmare
2. Hell's Kitchen
3.Pawn Stars
4. Storage Hunter
5. Storage Wars
6. Auction Hunter
7.People Court
8.Animal Cops
9.River Monster
10.How I look
11.What not to wear