Date men and women from United States / Arkansas / Oakland, 39 year old

Date single man from Arkansas, United States. I walk like a panther and have wicked awesome farmers market skills. I suppose I'm here because friends introducing me to women I find interesting has been about as successful as Jehovah's Witnesses gaining members by door to door salesmanship. Not a big fan of constructing a description to "sell" myself, I guess my basic tendency when writing about myself is to understate the positives so that people are pleasantly surprised over time.
I'm passionate and romantic as hell and thrive on authentic emotion. The most important things to me in a relationship are chemistry both physical and mental/emotional. You can have one without the other, when you have both it's truly amazing.
I have an eye for seeing the good in people, what they can be and the wonders they hide from others, and I like to tell them about it.
I appear to others as very masculine and strong. I do love guy things and play my role in society well. However, women who know me (family, friends) would say that I'm far kinder, conscientious and emotionally tuned in then the vast majority of men walking the earth. I appreciate women, listen to them and understand them well...must have something to do with how I was raised.
When looking for someone I basically have four essential pillars. The first is intellect, you don't need to split the atom in your garage but women who are smart are fun and it makes communication easy. The second is essential goodness, I like people who do good things when no one is looking and because it's part of their character. The third is being fun/funny, I can be a playful dork and that tends to work better with those who have a good sense of humor. The fourth is mental and physical health, I've found it's so much easier to be healthy and positive when the person you are hanging out with also sees it as a priority. Plus I'm pretty active and social, even though I do appreciate just relaxing at home with music/wine/movies.
I'm definitely a bit ambivalent about online dating, but if it works then the payoff is worth it. As my sister told me, "Dating sucks, but you jump through the burning hoops, because what is on the other side is worth it". I guess the idea is to minimize scarring while doing it.
If wickedly smart, incredibly honest, pretty sarcastic and fundamentally kind are coveted by you...well, we may click.
Oh and a disclaimer - I hate smiling for pictures, instant smiling feels disingenuous to me...but I love smiling or laughing when it's spontaneous.

Meet a man from Arkansas, United States. iam a hard worker i go out sometimes too have drinks with my friends,going too the gym when i can wish i could go more often like i did when i was younger lol but i love too be home at my house and do yard work and kick it in my man cave i love my sports also love too eat sushi lol

Date men and women from Arkansas, United States. Friends describe me as confident, successful, passionate, outgoing, good looking, and fun. I enjoy living life to the fullest. I like to do many different activities. I enjoy going out, traveling, but also staying in watching a movie with that right person!
Many people write a lot of great stuff on Match but it's not so much the message but the messenger that really matters. I think you just have to meet and see what the chemistry is like and generally what's up before possibly wasting any let's meet!!
Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Meet a soulmate from Arkansas, United States. look i cant solve all of ur problems and u cant solve all of mine, but if ur down 2 have a good and chill time, like bbq at the park, a walk on the beach, hangin at the bar 4 a game of pool and a beer or 2 or just dance the nite away, hit me up, u never know until u try, lol

Date people from Arkansas, United States. I am someone who cares for others and I am very giving. Very adventurous and able to do whatever I choose. Laid back and wanting similar friends. Love to kick back and just relax after a crazy work and travel week

Meet someone special from Arkansas, United States. I've been living in the bay area for almost 3 years now. Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Oregon for grad school in 2005 and relocated to Oakland in 2009.
I teach music at an amazing school, intense work, very busy, and I really enjoy it.
I'm a musician, string bass, jazz and classical. I am not a “band guy”, and I really hate that definition for what I do. I never got a degree in music education. My background is in performance. I love my instrument and love to play, teach and connect with people through music and I’ve been very blessed to do that throughout my life.
Since I've been in Oakland I have been very focused on teaching and I haven't been performing as much, but I'm starting to get out and gig more often. I love all types of music and I enjoy seeing performances in a concert hall or at a dive bar. I have yet to see the SF symphony, let me know if you’re interested in going sometime. SF Jazz is incredible too, and there are some great concerts coming up this summer.
I'm currently involved in a production of the Odyssey on Angel Island with the WE Players. It is an incredible experience. The play takes place all across the island, with actors, musicians and tech crew running all over the place to set the next scene. The entire show takes about 6 hours, and runs until July 1st. It's been pure joy working with such amazing people on such a massive and beautiful project.
I started biking to work 3 days a week in January 2011, only missed two days, and now I’m riding everyday. I love it! I might have put 50 miles on my car last month if that at all.
Biking has been part of my life for a long time, and I’ve found a great balance between exercise and work this year, it’s been incredibly positive.
I’m finally starting to settle into life here in the bay, it’s been a little tough at times. I landed here with only what fit in the car and the question if I’d made the right decision relocating hanging over my head. All my family and dearest friends are spread out across the country. Finding my place, socially, professionally, and musically is a continual work in progress.
It would be easy to imagine myself as an island in the ocean, but the truth is that I’m a romantic and my heart can melt like anyone else.
I'm looking for a relationship that is honest and real. I am not into games. I love sarcasm and I have a wry sense of humor at times, but I am also direct and thoughtful. I look for beauty and meaning in the little things and I’d like to meet someone who has a similar appreciation and awareness of the connections that make this world so interesting.

Date single man from United States. Quiet, introspective, easy-going type. What do I like? I like a lot of things. Traveling, long walks, reading, restaurants, museums, movies, excursions, watching baseball and football, Spending time with my niece, video games, bookstores, nature, yoga, and buddhism are just some of my interests. I work in a bookstore. Love sharing my love of literature and doing my small part to uphold the 1st amendment.
Ultimately, I'm looking for a life's partner. At least, I'm looking for a like-minded companion to spend time and share interests with. Someone who will stretch my boundaries and let me stretch hers. I'm openminded to the possibilities.

Meet a man from United States. What can I truthfully say about myself???...educated, funny, down to earth, simple, have a good job, good family, good friends, never married and no kids. Street smart as well as book smart. Once a friend described as "domestic". Is there something wrong with enjoying going to Costco, Safeway, Target or IKEA? My friends say I'm too nice and tell me to sometimes just think of myself and try to be a little selfish but if I did that it just wouldn't be me. I'm a kid at heart and I believe some of the best morals in life can be learned in children's movies. I’m not a fake, I’m humble, I don’t knock on people who doesn’t have as much as the next person.Born and raised here in the Bay area not looking to leave neither.
I would like to meet a down to earth girl that can still take care of herself if need be. Not too interested in party girls. My family and my friends are dear to me and I would need a girl get along and respect them both. Communication is key to a relationship and I would like a girl that can really get her point across.
*I'm shy at first, so feel free to say hello to get a conversation started. It is 2012 and its OK for the female to start something first. At the least maybe we'll become friends. Lastly if you want to see a pic of me...just ask. Like I said I'm shy at first*

Date men and women from United States. If there's a single word to describe myself, well, then there's no way to describe myself. On the surface is a chill mellow guy but that's 99.9% of all the profiles here. Not to say this isn't true about me but obviously there's far more. I can be extremely logical and rationalize just about anything, still there's a creative soul in me as well... well, he's somewhat malnourished at the moment. I like to think I'm fairly refined (I use big words a fair amount) but there are too many situations that remind me of scenes from The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park (really great commentary on our culture). I'm an avid rock climber and scuba diver (former instructor) so I like to get out whenever possible. I'm also making good on my promise to myself to travel more. Just got back from Stockholm (Sweden not New Jersey) and I'm thinking Costa Rica in a few months (time to revisit my surf bum roots). I'm a kind hearted guy with a slight sarcastic smart ass streak.
I'm looking for someone to share and add to my adventures. Someone active, fit, and unafraid to take the occasional leap off whatever (faith, plane, cliff, etc). Someone to share moments of wonder and awe at the expanse of creation or make funny comments about people on the street through a cafe window. I've come a very long way emotionally and in a great place in life, I hope you are too. By the way, did I mention I'm a pretty good cook. A veritable amateur Iron Chef without the weird chairman with the crazy eyes.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I would characterize myself as being a very low-keyed and down to earth individual. I am financially stable, and expect the person I am with to be the same. My friends refer to me as the California Globetrotter because I am always traveling to different parts of the states or the world. My ideal date would be a lady that has a good idea of what she wants in her life, but also has a good sense of reality. Physical fitness and living a healthy life would be very important to her as well as having a sense of adventure because I love to travel. In terms of looks, I am extremely attracted to women that are physical fit. I also love a women with a nice smile!!

Date a soulmate from Oakland, United States. nutshell version:IРІР‚в„ўm a creative, open-minded, easy-going, nature and city-loving individual.
long version w/ quirks details: I can be serious but silly, a little shy in big groups, but then open-up more in one-on-one situations, adventurous curious, but also appreciative content w/ simple everyday pleasures. I like learning new things and challenging myself to keep growing as a person. I try to be true to myself, not follow all trends and the masses and pause to make my own informed choices. I like trying new things, enjoy anything that will keep me outdoors, is fun or gives me a little adrenaline rush...and by no means am I an extreme outdoors person, I'm just someone who enjoys the beauty of the great outdoors in the Bay area and beyond...
I tried out the east coast for grad school, but moved back home to the bay area after graduation. The last several years have been about balancing the demands of my profession with a constant pursuit and enjoyment of everything the area has to offer as well as continuing my love for travel. A random sampling of recent favorite local activities: Alameda flea market, Tilden park, Crissy Field , Berkeley Marina or Tennessee Valley, Oakland art murmurs, evening visits to the MOMA or DeYoung, dancing to infectious electronic dance music beats with friends. More everyday activities that I enjoy: trying new restaurants and repeat visits to my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants, lectures, live music, street fairs, sitting on a beach or at a park w/a good book and good food, going for hikes, home cooked cozy meals with a glass of wine, urban walks or my favorite random weekend activity- backing a bag w/a camera and a jacket and some snacks and picking a random road to travel. I always like a little bit of everything in my life and try to keep my life balanced and varied ...and remember to stop and smell the roses along the way:)
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone who complements me well with similarities and differences. Specifics may not be critical, most important may be similar values, attitude in life and future goals in life. Though anyone with a creative side is a plus. Someone who is independent and has things they are passionate about, yet realizes some experiences in life are better shared with the right partner. No real must haves, beyond that undefinable thing called chemistry.... which you can't quite describe it, but you recognize it in a heartbeat. I come from a great family and hope to find the right someone who wants to have a family of their own someday soon and share that amazing adventure with me.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for another curious and genuine individual that can appreciate and ponder everything from the wonder of Yosemite; to a sculpture by Henry Moore, Richard Serra or Brancusi; warm sunshine and a summer breeze on your face; ancient ruins or strolling the streets of Paris or NYC; and the need for the occasional sidesplitting laughter, thought provoking conversation or activity , or simple tranquil silence... all the ordinary and the extraordinary moments of life
Curious? send me an email hello and we can go from there:)

Meet men and women from Oakland, United States. I am a woman who has had a lot of interesting life experiences that have made me the kindhearted, caring, generous and intelligent person I am today. I'm from a big Irish family and I truly value my family and friends. I have a variety of talents and skills, but I'm always striving to improve both professionally and personally. At this point in my life, I feel I am definitely ready to settle down and start a family of my own, so I am looking for someone who is at a similar point in his life. I admire men who are strong in both stature and character. I am looking for someone who shares similar interests and hobbies, but enjoys his independence as well.
I can't stand arrogance in anyone and would like a man who is patient and kind towards others and has a great sense of humor. He doesn't have to be wealthy, but is financially responsible. I prefer someone who is down-to-earth and outdoorsy, but can also enjoy dressing up for a special evening out on the town. I am attracted to men who like to eat well and enjoy exercise but are not rigid about either. My ideal date has a passion for what they do, and can be spontaneous when the opportunity arises. As the eternaI optimist, I must be with someone who always sees the glass half full, not half empty. Most of all, I am looking for a man who will stand by my side, be my best friend and be excited about sharing new adventures with me.

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