Date men and women from United States / Arkansas / Alicia, 39 year old

Date men and women from Alicia, United States. Hi, my name is Shannon and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. Im just a plain ole country boy that had a motorcycle accident and is now a partial quadriplegic. I'm unable to care for myself and live with my parents. Yes, I'm well aware that what I've told you so far isn't very attractive, but believe me, things could be, and have been worse. Now then, if your still reading, I'll tell you a little about myself. I live a simple life. I'm honest, trustworthy, and REAL. I appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. I'm opinionated, and say it like I see it. Yes, I have I have a very close family, and family means ALOT to me. I have a 12 year-old son named Zavian who is not only my son, but also my best friend and inspiration. I have always loved the outdoors, and continue to regardless of my condition. I still live an active lifestyle, and do everything I can with what God has given me.
I would really like to meet a woman that enjoyed some of the same things as I, we could get to know each other, go places and do things together. If I sound interesting, then great! I look forward in hearing from you. If not, that's totally understandable and I wish you all the luck with all that it is that your searching for.