Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Lake Havasu City, 70 year old

Date a man from Lake Havasu City, United States. a man of principle with a good heart and character and morals. Someone who is free and can travel and have fun. Someone of good morals and honestand someone who likes to dance. A person I can share my thoughts and I can listen to hers. someone who wants to put the past in the past and go forward with a smile. I am in excellent health and excercise daily. I am looking for someone who wants to start anew..............................................

Meet men and women from Lake Havasu City, United States. I am a 69 year old living in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I was born and raised in Washington State and moved to AZ nine years ago. I am retired from the Rail Road. I like to be on the water, fishing, boating and when I am in Washington crabbing. I enjoy growing a garden and cocktails with friends.

Date a soulmate from Lake Havasu City, United States. Looking for a copilot as I travel life's highways. Retired and like to get away from the heat of Lake Havasu City, AZ in the summer time for parts cooler and generally north... Enjoy hiking, photography and cooking....

Meet people from Lake Havasu City, United States. Hello :) :). I enjoy outdoor activities and travel of all types. I like walks on the beach, solving all the worlds problems under the stars, and enjoying and exploring life. I'm a retired US Navy pilot and followed that with 12 yrs. in executive management for a computer company in San Diego. I've traveled from Washington, DC west to Iran and treasure what we have in this country. I've been retired here in Havasu since 1992 and love both the ocean and lakes up the Colorado. Lake Powell is awesome. I'm very much a romantic and have lots to share with the right woman. I’m financially secure at an above average level and would love to find a great lady to laugh and enjoy life with. I also enjoy a candlelit dinner with good conversation followed by dancing and a walk under a clear, star filled sky. The only way I want to be on the couch is cuddled up with a fine lady listening to good music or watching a great movie. Enjoying and discovering life is paramount. My ideal match will have a sense of humor, be honest, trustworthy, enjoy the outdoors, and love to travel. I'm looking for someone to share life hand in hand equally with. I truly believe that trust and communication are the cornerstone of any relationship and I'm looking for the same in a woman. Having fun, laughing through life hand in hand, and cuddling while watching a beautiful sunset are things she'd love to do.
I also enjoy running the Glamis dunes in my long travel, corvette powered sandrail with a great group of friends. Also love exploring the great trails here around Havasu, up in the beautiful mountains of Utah, or down on the beaches of El Golfo, Mexico south of Yuma with my Rhino side by side. Lots of good times with great friends around the campfire.

Date someone special from Lake Havasu City, United States. Im an EASY going guy .I dont get mad very easy I would just like to have a friend to beable to share time and mabe sex if both was willing.I like having a nice night alone watching TV.Going for a walk down by the beach .Car races on the week end.

Meet single man from Lake Havasu City, United States. Recently returned to LHC after a one year stint in Phoenix. Prefer the clean air and friendly people of LHC. Looking for that one woman who will make being in a relationship meaningful. Committment from both of us is important. I am a tactile person and enjoy physical intimacy as a two way street. Let us communicate with each other and see where it leads. . .Someone comfortable with who they are but without being "hung-up" on who they are! Very interested in meeting the right person for a long term relationship... Being able to be open to ideas and to converse on many subjects without prejudice is very important. . . An excellent driver that also likes to pack a bag and disappear for days at a time on a trip to who knows where on a moments notice. . . Someone that is not afraid of, and understands what committment means!

Date a soulmate from United States. I am hoping to meet a born-again Christian gentleman who shares the same values of love of God and family that I do. Someone to share my golden years with and with our families.I grew up in the1940's and 50's, so this old fashioned way is part of who I am and I am happy that it is.

Meet men and women from United States. My family and friends describe me as intelligent, benevolent, and extremely patient. My family describes me as the person who taught them coloring outside the lines with whatever colors you choose is okay as long as they stay on the page since I think everyone should have the opportunity to approach any task with personal creativity. I've always considered that too much structure in any given situation is worse than no structure. And because of that, I have the ability to laugh outloud at myself and with friends and family who are sharing my laughter when projects don't turn out quite as I had planned. I love to dance, and I love to watch my forever-favorite football team, The Green Bay Packers. I am an avid reader. I am a published author. I enjoy music in any form except rap. I enjoy geocaching when I get the chance because I love to solve mysteries! I love to travel even when returning to previously visited destinations. I especially enjoy taking the backroads and visiting antique shops, galleries, local shops, festivals, fairs, rodeos, farms, ranches, and local restaurants because it allows me to meet the most fascinating people during my travels. I am a very adventurous person. Example: Eight years ago, I moved to Mexico, purchased land, set up a dairy farm, and enjoyed all the challenges and adventures of a single woman in Mexico. I sold it recently and moved back to Oregon where I taught part-time at the community college. I moved to LHC in June, 2011. I have lived where it snows, rains, and where the sun shines almost every day. I discovered early in life that you can enjoy anywhere you live as long as you participate in the activities the climate allows. I am definitely a country/city girl because I love everything rural, but I have put on my black dress/pearls and attended concerts, plays, and symphonies. (One thing on my bucket list is to attend the PBR finals; another is to see Andrea Bocelli in concert). If I were asked to sum up my philosophy about life, I would have to share the words on a sign that has been in my office for more than 30 years: "Enjoy life..this is not a rehearsal!" I have, I am, and I will. I decided to use the electronic approach for meeting someone special because I have adapted to the technological world. What I hope this electronic experience brings is my connecting with someone who, with me, participates actively in life and enjoys sharing life's adventurous moments. My philosophy about relationships is basic: relationships which are developed over time last, and those that are rushed, don't. I also believe that letting someone be who they are does not stop you from loving them to the simply requires acceptance and sometimes some patience. If you are interested in learning more about me and my philosophy and approach to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, send me an e-mail. I think conversations even if they are conducted with emails are much more enjoyable than compositions designed to introduce myself. (You won't hear my southern drawl, but a few you'lls creep into my messages sometimes.) Thank you so much for reading my profile.

Date a woman from United States. I came from a very close knit family and miss the togetherness, respect and caring that comes with that. I have virtually no family so my 2 dogs have become my family but I love most animals. I try to attend church weekly and envy couples that attend together. I'm also very outgoing, devoted to seniors and a volunteer driver once a week. Think my friends would say I am a very caring person and good friend to have. I've been on my own for over 16 years and quite proud of what I have accomplished on my own. I know, or hope, my best friend, lover, mate is out there but I'm not going to go bar hopping to try to find him.

Meet people from United States. I love to be around people, Enjoy all types music ,And love to dance love to traval ,cook. Looking for someone with the same . I"am happy to be in good health. and glad to be retired . I would like to meet some one with my same desire.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. The main photo by the pool was taken last fall. The golf photo was taken 6/18/10. The photo where I am wearing black standing in front of a mauve curtain were taken Dec. 9, 2009. I am a very happy, positive, energetic, athletic and outgoing lady. I love life and all it has to offer. I love to play golf, dance, and travel. I enjoy the out doors and being active. I am an artist (sculpture) and have included a photo of my work. I enjoy live theater as well as movies. I am not a game player and I am truly looking for the very last true love of my life. Above all I love to be around happy, positive people and I totally agree with the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Only through conversation will we be able to get to know each other to determine if that special "spark" is there that may start the fire.I am looking for an honest, happy, positive, energetic man. Hopefully with a good sense of humor as I love to laugh. I am a very affectionate lady and would like a man who shows affection. Some one who loves life and all the many, many activities that are available.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I'm an Italian/Irish lady from NJ who moved to AZ in 1995 for family obligations and they tell me I still have a lot of my back east ways and accent. I volunteer driving the seniors on the move bus and van once a week for shopping, doctors or for lunch. Gives me great satisfaction to be able to help them. However, I enjoy traveling with my 2 dogs (the girls as I call them) in my 5th wheel to places I've never been, meeting people, and enjoying all our country has to offer. Ready, willing and able to relocate by the beginning of 2011. People go house hunting, I'm going town hunting to see if I find a place I want to call HOME. I miss country living, green grass, trees and mild 4 seasons. II can't take the extreme heat here in summer here and lived 54 years in NJ and not fond of extremely long, cold winters. So if you love your city, state and like my profile, drop me a note and let's see what happens. I love to dance, visit historic sites, meet all kinds of people, love animals especially my dogs - had horses until moving out west and would love to rescue a pair of wild burros but that is probably just a dream. Chemistry is important but don't ask me what my Mr Right looks like, is built like, where he comes from, or who he is I don't know but hopefully he is out there. I borrowed this line but it describes me in a nutshell, I am an independent woman, who does not need a man to take care of her, but would like the addition of someone authentic in her life as a bonus to her already happy life.