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Date men and women from Arizona, United States. It would be cool to meet someone who is not hooked on the bar scene anymore and possibly entering another phase of life.Bars are fun sometimes,so don't get me wrong ! I love to camp,a hike with my dog, short RD trips to Vegas Southern CA,concerts,Live Mus,classic rock,the beach, ID channel,Comedy,Horror flicks during Halloween season.I value my family very much and it's nice to know others feel the same.I am a softy when it comes to animals,so I have no love for anyone who could hurt one . It would be great to meet someone honest,loyal, smart,sensitive when need be,down to earth,cute,quick witted,goofy Funny,romantic,opinionated yet open minded and not turned off right away by differences.
* I can't stand this quote...."Don't measure life by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away" Last I checked we measured in years not breaths..Overused stupid if you ask me,but if someone can tell me how many breaths they have taken then I stand corrected =) I just read it for the 11 trillionth time and just felt like saying this for no big reason =)

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Friends say I am extremely unique. They say this with a big cheesy grin, so I figure it's a positive thing... I'm a manly man, a thinker, a lover, confident, modest, sometimes at a loss for words, sometimes even a poet, I stand my ground when I am right and I am open to change when wrong. Around co-workers I am very quiet about who I am, but with my woman - I open up and she will see into me more than any other...
There are many facets to me, depending on the situation is what comes out. Here I'll show you openness and the sensitive side - which only happens in private - but since it's just you and me right now - here it goes :)
Over the last few years I have learned more about life than I ever knew existed! I have gained answers to some pretty big questions, but more than that - I have gained a deep appreciation for all my experiences I have created. It's been quite a journey, and best of all - I really feel like all things are possible... Even meeting the right and perfect woman for me, whether it's here or at the grocery store, or even while I am out for a walk, maybe we might meet on a corner waiting for a light, who knows?
Wait a minute... Hmmmm.... suddenly I see how that could sound... picking up a girl on a street corner.....
Anyway... you know what I mean ;)
Overall I am independent, successful at work, and love to play and relax. It is my intention to see the positive in all situations, although sometimes I have to work at it a little... I have a fairly diverse background, became enlightened, and have traveled around the world. If your looking for variety - you found it - for a number of reasons. I recall being called a smart-ass once or twice (last week), and I have a feeling it will probably happen again - usually for my own entertainment and for those who know me. But that's alright, it's just part of being well rounded ;) Overall, I see life as a continuous journey of learning and developing - which usually results in growth. If your afraid of change, keep on looking... Ultimately, I seek someone who wants to be free together in all ways...
Someone who would catch my attention would be independent, positive, and finds humor in most things. She would have her own goals and interests, but will also know what is is to "share" her life with someone. She would appreciate a man who will be at her side in a blink of an eye, save her from creepy bugs, and who will believe with all his heart that she is the most amazing and beautiful being in the universe - inside and out, even if she doesn't feel it at times... Someone who would like to experience looking into the eyes of one another, and truly feeling your heart smile - each and everyday...
As you can see, I'll show you lots of giggles, depth, freedom, and best of all I'll show you a kind of openness that words can barely describe. All in all, I will always treat my woman with respect, probably give some lip time to time and maybe even a little bit of ??? (gotta keep you guessing), and for me to be treated the same... well that will be just perfect :)
This is only a tiny glimpse of me. There's so much more, but it's up to you to find it out...
Also, If you have kids - awesome! If not - I am very open to having them...
Oh and I don't spend much time on here, nor do I send out messages to just anyone. If I do write to you, I see something unique - a combination of things that stand out to me - which is rare. If I do not hear back - bummer, but I'll move on...
I wrote this in a specific way so if you connect with what I wrote on some level, then I am probably searching for you... Don't be shy, I won't bite... yet.. ;~) So just say "Hi", maybe tell me what you thought about what I wrote, and I'll get back to you soon...

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I'm a very chill person, but I like to have a lot of fun. I enjoy traveling, good restaurants, wild nightlife, and if you come out with me you will have a great time. I've never online dated before, and I'm excited to meet new people.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. Im looking for a friend first off. Unfortunately I suck at dating, and it seems if I approach it like Im trying to make a friend it seems to work better for me. Im a fun loving guy who wants to go out and have fun. I have to really work on curbing my serious side, but I can be pretty goofy. My ideal girlfriend would be willing to accept me for who I am, but is also willing to listen to me, give me advice, and generally just try to be on the same team so to speak.

Date people from Arizona, United States. Im a succesful entrepreneur and am looking to have a beautiful yet not to camplicated woman by my side to enjoy this life and all we come accross together. Im a nice guy and always respect others...I would give a perfect stranger the shirt off my back if they truly needed easy to get along with, responsible, honest and never one to misslead... .looking for that good natural feeling that comes with really connecting with someone special in a long term relationship..send me a message so we can start to enjoy one another

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I'm a fun, easygoing guy. I like to travel and do adventurous things - hiking national parks, go to sporting events (Red Sox, Patriots, NASCAR fan!), snowboarding, riding my motorcycle, tennis, golf - I think you get the idea. I love to laugh and make people laugh. New restaurants are fun, but old standbys are good too. I also really enjoy cooking at home with a bottle (or two) of good wine. I work hard and my job is very important to me...after all, it supports all the fun stuff I like to do. My 2 y/o son is very important to me as well, and I have him about 1/2 the time.
I'm looking for someone to make me smile, watch a movie with, eat at a new restaurant, or try something new to one or both of us! You can't be afraid to wake up and go out to breakfast without spending an hour in the bathroom first. I would like for you to be independent, but can count on me for support and advice. I like to be competitive, but will always hug it out at the end!
Your profile should have zero typos, and too many pictures of other things than you make me wonder. It bothers me when all your photos are taken by yourself in the bathroom mirror with a cell phone. Minimal duck face photos too, please. Am I being too picky?

Date men and women from United States. I guess i can tell you about me and then you can understand who i an looking for based on that. I have 3 wonderful boys that i love more than life itself. I am very successful in my career and have worker very hard to get where i am and love my job. I am a very dedicated and faithful person, extremely loyal.......probably to a fault. I love quiet nights at home but also enjoy evenings out to dinner or whatever sounds like fun. I don't like to sit around and watch tv (I don't hate it) although i do like to relax after work every once and a while in front of a good show or movie, love movies. Cycling is a passion of mine and i spend a great deal of time riding bikes to stay fit. i have to say............i call BS when i see every female profile that says they love sports.......c'mon.....with that said......i do like to shop. i can shop every weekend. i love to shop more than the fake sports lovers!!! lol BTW....i don't sit and watch any sports except for the tour de france on fast forward in July.....and that just ended. Not a hater, just not a lover.

Meet someone special from United States. Father of three, two girls and one boy. I coach softball and tee ball. I also play in a men's softball league. I enjoy the outdoors...hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, off roading, and exploring the back country of Arizona..I am a strong family man with christian based values and morles. I am looking for that someone who is comfortable being herself, can feel comfortable sharing her dreams and fears of life, compassionate and who has the ablility to just have fun. I would like to find someone who is willing to experence new adventures in life, travel, and what life brings. I would like a woman who is comfortable waking up in the morning with no need to impress and then slipping into a elegant evening dress at night. I do not have any drama. The mother of my children and I get along well. I am not looking for a hook up. It sad that I have to say that but I guess it is an issue when e-dating.

Date a soulmate from United States. I'm pretty laid back and what many consider low maintenance. I'd love to find someone who I'm attracted to (obviously) but can hang out with everywhere: home, out on the town, watching a game or show, or going to a game or show. Someone who's comfortable in their own skin while being with me.

Meet a man from United States. I am an average guy who enjoys life even when life is tough. I like humor, especially sarcasm and like to make any situation fun.
I have a renewed interest in getting out into nature and visiting beautiful locations in a relaxed way.I don't need a large crowd or support group and while I am able to be social, I am equally happy to relax in the company of someone I consider special.I take my responsibilities seriously, pay my debts and keep my promises.I am a physically affectionate and prefer the same in a partner.
I am looking for someone with the same interests, and interests that are closely related.It is time for a relationship with meaning!

Date people from United States. I have a great smile n love to hold hands and kissing is a most. Like dogs n cats. In joy taking walks going for a ride any where like the out doors ful of love n looking for some one to share it with

Meet single man from United States. I moved here from St. Louis just over 6 years ago and recently relocated to the Scottsdale area. I am a Cardinal fan (baseball & football) and grew up building and racing cars. My passion in life is building and restoring Muscle cars. I like all music but my favorite would be rock. Anything with Cris Cornell (best rock voice) or Led Zepplin. If I'm having a ruff day then Deftones to scream my frustration out lol.
I keep busy with my full time job and working on cars on the side. I'm looking to meet new people outside of work now that I have more free time.
I'm looking to meet that special someone where we can start as friends and go from there. My ideal girl is someone with similar tastes in music, works hard to keep themselves in shape as I do, and can appreciate classic cars. She doesn't have to be a car expert but doesn't mind getting her hands dirty and yet knows how to be a lady with style.
If interested in knowing more send a message.