Date women from United States / Alaska

Date young girl from Alaska, United States. My name is Natalia and i love to have a good time. im looking for someone who is willing to be patient with me and show me around the city. someone genuine who loves god and wants me to be myself. respect is everything.

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. I like out doors activities and im not afraid of a little dirt, i dress like a girly girl but dont let that fool you. Im a model and im going to college to be a lawyer, I way 125 I'm 5'7 I have bluish greenish eyes with dark brown hair

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. My name is Kassidy and I am in college. I am looking for a guy who is fun and outgoing like myself. I would prefer him to have a good education or be in college as well. I am attracted to all different types of guys. It just all depends on their personality, and how they treat a girl. Of course I like a good lookin man too!

Meet young girl from United States. Not gonna lie, Im pretty awesome. Now if I told you everything about me what would be the point in messaging me? lol. I'll just say the basics. Country girl, originally from Florida. What am I looking for on here? Well friends to start out, dont really want to rush into things, but if an opportunity comes up I just might take it ;) I like to do outdoorsy things like campin, huntin, fishin, etc. I played hockey for about 9 years, and a little softball. What am I lookin for in a guy? #1 thing is you gotta know how to treat a woman, Im not gonna put up with any BS. You have to be ambitious, and like some of the things I like to do. But I dont really have a "type" if I like ya, I like ya. Well if you wanna know more just send me a message :)

Date someone special from United States. for starters, I love piercings, tattoos, & redbull. i LOVE to laugh. it makes everything so much better! I had a hard life growing up and I've matured alottt more then many 18 year olds. I love to be active and have fun but then again, I don't mind staying up late and talking for hours (: I'm pretty social, I get along with many different types of people. i take my family life very seriously and I need someone who likes to have fun but then knows how to be serious. I need someone who's willing to be my ride or die man. I dont need a boy who's just gonna play games. I want someone I'm attracted to inside & out. Someone I can truly connect with and won't leave when times get hard. someone who's a goofball at random time just to make me laugh but also someone who's serious when I need it the most. So please feel free to message me if you fit this criteria because I'm so ready to find my type of man (:

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a funny person I laugh alot about everything, I like reading, dancing, watching movies, going for walks, hiking I love life just the way it is... I like helping people, specially poor people. I am studying International Business just because I love traveling and globalization, but I am not in love with money at all. I do think it is important but it does not make you happy...
I would like to meet someone
funny, smart, open mind. like to work out...
love movies, someone who is interested of being everyday better than the last.., who is really in love with life just because it is beautiful....
someone different

. My friends would describe me as something else, I'm my own character and personality. I like to have fun and explore the world, adventure is in my blood. I tend to be a little bit of a romantic, I smile at the little things. I'm a very social person, with a crazy side most people don't see, but I don't tend to be much of a partier. I love to laugh, and be in a cherrie mood. I'm looking for someone who loves the outdoors and adventures, a little romantic, funny, and doesn't seek out a typical girl. I'm passionate by inspiration and living life to the fullest. Take the leap, live the dream.

. Hi my name is Ashley-Marie, I'm looking for a guy that can bring me out of my shell since I am a very shy person. I laugh very easliy so I kinda like a guy who can make me laugh and that I can be myself around. I'm very anti-social but I'm always loud and spontaneousaround my friends. I want a guy who can just sweep me off my feet, take me on a magic carpet ride and just show me a good time...! I want a guy to be bra e and have the courage to stand up to my mom and prove themselves worthy for me since no guy has never done that before.

. What I want in a guy is that, i want to be with someone i can be myself around. I want a guy that can give me the respect i want and have the courage to stand up against my mother since, no guy has the courage to go up to my mom and prove themselves that they are worthy for me. Also I just want a guy that can sweep me up my feet, take me on a magic carpet ride and show me a good time since I'm always keeping myself locked up in a shell away from society...!

. I enjoy camping, hiking, frolfing, going to music festivals, swimming, listening to classic rock, incense, yoga, sleeping, and i really like to eat. I love cuddling and watching movies with someone just as much and sometimes more than going out and dancing or hanging out with my friends. Monty python cracks me up and the guitar, piano, massages, and naps calm me and makes me happy. I don't really have any hobbies but I'm down to try anything once. Most things haha. I feel like I am mature for my age, for the most part. I consider myself a wannabe hippie. I'm really laid back and down to earth and I like being out in the woods with nature, unless there are mosquitos. This fall I'm planning on going to college and I'm excited to learn some more. I do have diabetes, but I have good control over it. I'm curious and a little shy but I get comfortable with new people pretty fast. Although I'm a little discrete I like communicating with someone one on one and getting to know them more. I'm a little self concious, but that feeling comes and goes. I want a guy who's laid back and is down for anything. Someone who can cheer me up and make me laugh. I don't want someone that I can push around, I want a man. Facial hair, abs and legs I think are the most attractive on a guy. I'd prefer someone who as an opinion about everything and just a nice guy I can be myself around.. Let me know if you're interested. ;)

. So I'm Rachel, I'm loud blunt and crazy goofy and weird, and I love it that way. I want a guy who can keep up and surprise me, show me something new and unique. I'm no pushover so yeah. I'm sweet and kind and I care about people that mean a lot to me probably to much but that's alright. I am Really Into CrossFit and pushing myself to the limit in every aspect of my life. and the guy who reads this has to feel that same way, I like a guy who knows what he wants and will do what ever is necessary to get there. But yeah(:

. My name is Tara, I'm probably younger then most would expect to see on match. Im laid back and for the most part like to go with the flow, Im into sick sexual jokes (that dont include me in them).I'm looking for someone decent who isnt a creep. Someone who is into the more dorky side of life like video games and having a fun time, Yet knowing when it's time to be a man.