Date men and women from United States / Alaska / Soldotna, 56 year old

Date single man from United States. Athletic, active, and in excellant shape. Alaskan for 28 years. Catholic. My faith is important to me. Must love children. Enjoy cooking and eating healthy. Like to travel. Great job that allows time/income to enjoy this beautiful state we live in. Camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, anything outdoors interest me. Motorcycle rider, not to be confused with "biker" lifestyle. Certified diver. Spontaneous at times(with respect), kind, generous, compassionate and forgiving. Honesty, integrity, and being comfortable with yourself a must. No drama please.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I'm not a control freak. I'm very even tempered. I'm into just about anything outdoors, all seasons. I'm very much into old pickups, snowmobiles, motorcycles, exploring. And increasing my knowledge of the interests that I have. I purchased a Victory motorcycle a few years back, but don't get much of a chance ta ride, except to work and back. Funny how with all the bikes ya see runnin around. Can one find anyone to go for a cruise with, very seldom. I know that I work to dang hard for my age, not in my 20's any longer. I am far from being anything special. But I am very loyal to the one I care about. I'm somewhat old fashioned. I believe in opening the door for a woman, etc. That kiss and a hug whether coming or going is important, love holding hands, yes even in public. I'm not into the I'll do my thing, and you do your's. I like to be with, and share the things that 2 people are into. I'm not into the girly girl type of woman. Being just pretty isn't enough. That type of gal get's to be pretty boring to be around. However, an attractive woman that has the right amount of tomboy in her, but knows how to be both. That's the bomb. And if she has the country girl value's, OOO man. I'm not into the sports things, hunting, fishing. Ya I know, what, a man that doesn't do that stuff. Grewup racing motocross, snowmachines, have had several project older pickups. So if it didn't have a motor attached, I didn't have much interests in it.

Date a man from United States. I think I have a good sense of humor. I have been called a steady type of a guy who doesn't put things off that need done. I like to finish all my work before pleasure so I can truly have fun without worrying about what I have to do when I get home. I have a great relationship with my adult children and have a lot of fun with them and my grandchildren when I'm home from work. We eat out a lot and I also cook big dinners and have them all over and just enjoy one another's company. I also like to travel and snow machine and ski at Alyeska, all my kids snowbord I'm trying to get the nerve to try that. I have my second son from the oldest that has went to Brazil 3 times and he really wants to take me. Looking foreward to that trip. I'm looking for semeone that will be faithful steady and honest. One who is in it for the long haul and stays when times get tough and weathers the storm without complaing. But works togeather to figure things out and then goes for it. I do not like clutter and so my house is fairly clean at all times. As soon as dinner is over we all pich in and do the dishes so we can all spend time together.

Meet someone special from United States. Me, Iam just happy to still be here and kikin. Being alone is getting old, i have my dogs, but have to take them out on a leash. And all they ever want too eat is dog food. Ideal match ah i gess Ken and Barby. But seriously if you can put up with me and my hairy smelly ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,dogs, your in.

Date men and women from United States. I'd describe myself as pretty down to earth, good morales and honest. I have a handful of great friends, and I try to surround myself with those with a positive attitude. Laughter and smiles make my day! I am most grateful for my two sons, 25 and 26, who do not live at home. I'm hoping to attract a genuinely nice and honest, non-controlling good guy, to hang out with, dinners, movies, new things. I am not much of a drinker, not much for the bar scene, a glass of wine from time to time. A friendship for starters......then maybe more. I'm looking for someone as independent as I am, someone that wants to treat me as well as I can treat them.