Date men and women from United States / Alaska / Soldotna, 45 year old

Date a man from Soldotna, United States. People with same aspects out of life and like to do the same things that I do a decent job would be nice but doesnt matter. I like treating people the same way I wanted. I enjoy snow as much as the summer months but like driving my Corvette most of all in summer months.and I know longer live in soldotna.

Meet people from Soldotna, United States. I'm a varitable dipstick, so you would have to be less of a dipstick than me to even out the dipstick-ness for both of us. I'm a kid at heart, so join me in the sandbox, or at least tell me what these clumps are that I keep playing with. Move cat!
I am an avid hunter and spend a bit of time on horseback in the woods or on a mountain. I have seen places that it feels like no man has been, then i find an old campfire ring and a few beer cans strewn about. I enjoy what I do for a living, and I do it from home. It doesn't get much better than that as far as I'm concerned.

Date single man from Soldotna, United States. I'm looking for someone spontaneous ready to jump up in the spur of the moment:' run off and explore.I like to be outdoors. But content with just hanging out. I love my job.many of my best friends are co workers .I think my friends would disrcibe me as a giving person, passionate About my kids. They make me laugh and cry.'.

Meet someone special from Soldotna, United States. I'm looking for an honest, morally valued, ethical natured woman that is not chemically dependent on ANYTHING. Sorry, can't do the lying, cheating, stealing, drinking and drugging thing, had one of those! It's a worthless lifestyle, do that crap somewhere else!! Do I sound bitter? Trying not to be, but it hurts when you put your trust in someone and all you get is betrayal on more fronts than one.

Date a woman from Soldotna, United States. When I joined Match my life changed drastically in 2 weeks time My youngest daughter graduated from high school and within 2 weeks time she was diagnosed with ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were life-flighted to Seattles Childrens hospital for treatment. We were told that we would be living here for at least 1 year. So that is why I have not kept up with this dating site. I now live on Mercer Island and am taking care of my baby girl with her chemo treatments and have just been told she will need a bone marrow transplant. Sorry for this update as real life just doesn't make the world stop for things like this. Please pray for us and maybe I can try this again at a later date. Thank you for your understanding and patients....I love to laugh! Fishing is my favorite thing to do. I also love to hunt, shoot and fly. During the dark and cold winter I like to lay on the beach in Hawaii and do a little fishing while i'm there. My background in work has been the medical field and some law enforcement. My kids are grown and gone (still in town), but I spend alot of time with them. No grandkids yet, just grand-dogs!! I am very independant and adventurous. I'm a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of gal. I enjoy being on a boat and traveling. My favorite color is camoflauge!! I have a great sense of humor and enjoy using it. I would like to meet someone that isn't a 'player', has a positive attitude and treats a lady with respect.