Date men and women from United States / Alaska / Soldotna, 25 year old

Date someone special from Soldotna, United States. Im a very relaxed person who likes to have fun outdoors if possible, Couch time at home is good to. Im on here to meet new people, moved to Soldotna from Austin Texas to go to school at KPC, i also work a rotation on the slope so i can be pretty busy sometimes. If you wanna know more just ask.

Meet a boy from Soldotna, United States. i am easy going, fun, energetic, sensitive, yet powerful individual! i am looking for someone to share my likes and to try and have a stable environment and try to move on from the drama! just someone who wants to enjoy life also

Date men and women from Soldotna, United States. Fun loving, outgoing, people person, good communicator... Friends and family are most important but one must also have a best friend for life. Good living and loving should be top priority. Selfimprovement and helping others are part of life we should all try together.

Meet someone special from Soldotna, United States. I am a girl that usually stays pretty busy. I'm into camping,fishing, hunting, gutting fish, cooking, quilting, berry picking, anything fun and outside an in Alaska. I have a dog that is very sweet. I am a very caring person and my family is my whole world I will do anything for them. I am looking for a guy that feels the same way about his family as I do. I also want a guy that already knows how to hunt and fish it's getting old teaching guys this stuff when they say they are from here. Also I love campfires anytime of the year. Don't be to intimidated by a girl that can usually out fish anybody on the boat!

Date men and women from Soldotna, United States. I'm looking for someone who enjoys staying at home and snuggling or going out on the town. I prefer someone who is isn't lazy, and i'm not interested in drugs and boozers, just someone who wants to enjoy life. I was in the Army, so military llifestyle is easily understood by me. I also love dogs, and my family is very important. I look for these same qualities in a partner. I'm not a picky person, but I am sarcastic and know what i want. I will tell you what i think, and expect the same.

Meet a girl from Soldotna, United States. I'm an easy going person, a little on the shy side, until you get to know me. Once I'm cormfortable around someone I am funny and a little goofy. I get a long with most people, but sometimes my dry sarcastic hummor gets me into trouble.

Date single girl from Alaska, United States. I have lived in Alaska my whole life and I canРІР‚в„ўt imagine living anywhere else. I am still not sure about this online dating thing but in this small town there isnРІР‚в„ўt a lot of opportunity to meet new people. I love life and enjoy the outdoors and am looking for a partner that will be my best friend and share my enthusiasm for life and adventure. I am old fashioned and believe in trust, honesty, values and believe that a relationship is a partnership.

Meet a soulmate from Alaska, United States. I have a tattoo of the big dipper and the north star on my left shoulder. A little cliche now that I've moved back to Alaska, but I got it two years ago right before going back to school in New Hampshire, not knowing when I'd be back.
I moved to Soldotna for a job at the hospital. I'm a people person and love to help people continue to have independent lives, which is why being an occupational therapist is the best career I found.
I love dogs and have a lab/mystery mutt mix, who isn't perfect, but a whole lot better than she was when I got her a few years ago. She means a lot to me so you must love or at least like dogs.
I'm from Maine, but don't have much of an accent. I love winter especially skiing and snowshoeing. In the summer I can be found hitting the trails or going camping. More than anything I want to learn to fly fish.

Date people from Alaska, United States. Finally! Something more than 250 characters. I'm not going to lie, I am a communicator, and writing is a huge part of that. The character limitations really just put a damper on my style because sometimes for something to be accurately depicted, it needs to be limitless.
I'm one of those people that write novel length emails, because I like to read novel length emails. I like diving into all kinds of topics of conversations, and I have a very wide variety of interests/ideas to talk about. Sometimes my ideas are a little out there (but most of the time if it's a really wild, out there idea it's because I'm curious about what somebody else's perspective is on the topic and want to broaden my horizons). My baseline is fairly rational, unless somebody is being irrational towards me...then I'm just confused.
I'm a pretty easy going person, who finds entertainment in many things and prefers people to just be themselves. I let my thoughts flow naturally, and hope that whoever i talk to will be comfortable enough do the same. I realize that everybody has baggage, and this affects who they are today - this doesn't bother me. I believe that people are products of their genetics and environment, which means that it's not my place to judge who they are or what choices that they have made in their life, nobody is perfect for everybody, but everybody is perfect for somebody. If I don't like it, I just won't mess with it. I expect the same in return.
My belief on life is that it is what you make of it, your stress is a not a product of your environment, but how you handle it. And it is your attitude tht will help you through this life and onto the next, whatever that means to you. I guess this makes me an emotional philosopher/thinker light being with a scientific/psychological background.
Labels aside, I'm a person who loves life, loves to laugh, loves to think and learn, and loves to just be whatever I want to be. I'm a musician, an artist, a homemaker, a medical professional, a hippy who doesn't smoke weed, a mother who loves her children, a child at heart, a snowboarder, a hell of an I am what I am, and unless I'm hurting you, just let me be me.
I just want somebody who I can talk to, hang out with, laugh with, whatever, who doesn't make me want to exercise my right to the second ammendment, and who isn't going to blame me for all of their problems, who isn't going to try to change me, who will communicate with me when something is bothering them or on their mind (this doesn't include yelling and screaming at me) know, a good, light hearted, fun person. Somebody to play cards with, go places with, watch movies with, play mariokart with, and to just live a happy lifestyle with. Somebody who doesn't want to do the same thing over and over again, who enjoys a comfortable, simple lifestyle, who I can bs with and talk to (maybe even have a healthy debate with), walk with, rollerblade with, somebody who I can relate to, who doesn't like to hurt people....
I'm looking for a life as two separate entities who can accept and love eachother for who they are, but still come together and share life with...
i'm an idealist :) To me, the above is ideal.
I'm not going to put my picture on here, not because I'm afraid of what I look like, but because I know this is a very small town, and I'm just not interested in having my face be all over it. That doesn't mean I have anything to hide, that just means that I know way too many people, and frankly would rather not have to hear about it (because I will) through the grapevine.