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Date men and women from Alaska, United States. I work all the time so it's hard to meet people. I'm kind of shy, but warm up quickly when I get to know someone. Im straight forward even when it hurts. Have a dry sense of humor like the Saharan desert. I like to read, watch movies, hike, take long drives,cook, go out, fish some times.

Meet people from Alaska, United States. To tell you a bit about what I am looking for first seems to be as good a place as any to start. first of all I am looking to start my life anew. I am recently divorced and am about to retire from the Army after 20 years. I'd love to find the right person to be with me to explore this new era of my life. I want a companion someone who wants to do the things that I like doing and wants me to do things with her as well. Not everything we do has to be together but we should at least think it would be great if you were there. I want the person that wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them. I'm not looking for someone to change or be changed by. We should be happy with who we are and who we are with as we are not how we want them to be.
Me the person. First thing the most important thing in my life is my son he's 7 and is here for the summer. He lives in Baltimore with his mother for the rest of the year. I like going out doing some hunting, fishing, and camping. I love to have my outdoors time. I am an excellent cuddler who doesn't mind a nice evening together with a good movie. I have a very widely varied taste in music if I like it I like it regardles of genre or anything else. my list goes from old old country to broadway over to R&B and around to pop.
As for the more trivial things yes I have my own vehicle, place and career. I am 38 about 210LBS 5'9" brown hair (well most of it) brown eyes. I am currently active Duty Military so no drugs or drinking problems and fairly good shape

Date a soulmate from Alaska, United States. so. you know me. i'm the guy who's nice. sweet. etc. the guy the girls like to hang out with, but not to date. it's a recurring theme - they always say how cool i am, adorable, etc. but, it seems that none of them are interested more than that. some call it a product of my living arrangements (i.e. - living in the middle of nowhere in a town of ~100 people), however things weren't much different when i lived in big cities. other than my relationship, or dating leprosy, i'm an aging punk rocker who sometimes gets drunk and nostalgic for when music meant something. i love hanging out with friends, which seems to happen about twice a year, if i'm lucky. i like rocks, 50's and 60's architecture and interiors, landcruisers, and girls with glasses. what am i looking for? well... a cute girl who likes the simple things. who's as comfortable in the city as she is in the woods. who likes good music. who might just be vegetarian (but might not), and can put up with a vegan (read: dietary idiot!). a girl who's not offended if i call her a 'girl' instead of a 'woman' and a cute girl who likes good beer, good music, bad movies, asian food, dogs, and me. actually, the beer, music, movies, food, and dogs are a lesser requirement.

Meet a man from Alaska, United States. I'm a simple guy, Im into all things outdoors, hunting fishing, camping, hiking. I also like to take time in the garden, go to movies and go out to dinner. I am a talker. I have two daughters, they are my everything. I have a career, I am self sufficient, and not needy.
I'm a sensitive guy, I do enjoy romantic walks, I cuddle, and I know the value of flowers "just because you were on my mind". I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I like to read books and have intelligent conversation, although I can be a goof ball at times. I just want to enjoy life, you only get one, why not surround yourself with the one that makes you happy and enjoy the gift before the ride is done.
What I'm looking for is a simple woman, one who isn't needy. My job requires travel. You should be self sufficient as well, with a career. You should just be fun loving and adventurous. That's it.

Date single man from Alaska, United States. I'm a single dad that has limited personal time. My kids get the majority of my time, so when I do have time to get away, I would like to have someone to spend time with, even if it is going for a walk or the gym.

Meet someone special from Alaska, United States. I've been in Alaska since graduating high school in Wisconsin and love it almost all of the time. I'm very happy with my job and lifestyle up here and looking for someone who feels the same. I'm honest to a fault and could possibly be the worst liar in the 907 area code. I'm usually up for just about anything indoors or out if it involves good weather and/or company.

Date men and women from United States. I mostly enjoy the outdoors and enjoy excersize, I would like to find someone who likes to ski, as i really enjoy it, but don't feel like you have to be a pro to ski with me because i am not. I enjoy simpler things as well, such as hiking and talking about life while hiking. I am also content going out on the town for dinner and conversation. I enjoy the simple things in life like watching wildlife or going for a short walk. I am easily amused.
I enjoy people who can laugh at themselves and life and i try to do the same. I am grateful for having friends like these, they remind me of what it's all about, the living, and not a means to an end. I am a responsible person but i do not take life too seriously and am looking for a like minded person.
I don't have a hundred friends but the ones i do have are very good people. I have been blessed with good friends but I also strive for good company and do my best to maintain the bonds i have made. I always strive to provide honesty wth kindess.
I am proud of helping friends when they need it but not too proud to receive a helping hand.
I take pride in taking care of myself and I set goals and try my best to meet them. I like to try things myself and always give it my best shot, I think Fairbanks has taught me this about mysefl.
I am looking for someone who likes to explore and travel and get out and who is willing to see and try new things with a laid back relaxed POV, Someone who likes to set goals and plans and strives to complete them but is not reluctant to stop and smell the roses (some of my best experiences have been detours)
Will write more later, but won't put my whole life story on here. Some things have to be saved for real communcation.

Meet people from United States. I'm a hard working single father of two. I have my boys half the time so that time is precious and probably won't be shared but we will see. I'm searching for a fun loving woman to take out on the town occassionaly and to run through the woods with too. I'm not sure where I'm trying to go with this online thing but I don't really have the time or inclination to run around the state searching for the girl that is in my mind. I've recently applied for acceptance into UAA and will begin finishing my Bachelors in January. I hope to walk out of it with a degree and teaching certificate. I've made my living working outside my whole life but it is becoming more clear every day that I'm not getting any younger so I figure I better start checking off the things on my list. Spending quality time with my boys is paramount in my life. The weeks they are with me we get out and about quite a bit hunting and fishing and pulling crabs out of Kachemak Bay. I'm looking for a companion who can fit in with this life and can let me take her out to a nice dinner now and then. I think mostly I'm looking for a friend who wants to have adventures when we can and can also maintain a stable and productive life.

Date a soulmate from United States. Down to earth Non vain. Does not take myself too seriously. Is not concerned vwith the frivolous things of the world. Can be ready on the fly. So I guess my ideal match would be someone similar to that.

Meet a man from United States. I believe it's easy to write great things about yourself but acting upon them is the true test of who you are. Also it’s important that you learn about someone from communicating with them. People tend show what’s really important to them when engaged in conversation. Whether its facial expressions or how they move their hands, I always try to pick up on those subtle things.
Pretty easy going, fun, educated guy that tends to fit in many different circles. I recently made a career change that has opened my eyes to many different things. Like being healthy, physically and mentally and that you should work to live and not live to work. This has led me to the gym where I have found my old love of working out. Not trying to be a bodybuilder just trying to keep fit so I can keep up with everyone playing hockey, hiking, or snowshoeing.
I believe honesty is the most important part of any relationship, whether it is romantic or friendship. Honesty builds trust and that's the strongest bond in building a relationship. I'm definitely looking for that in a match, as well as someone who is caring, and has a sense of humor.

Date single man from United States. Im the type who's eager to cut to the chase. Pretense is for people with time to waste. Hey there! I'm the 21st Century southern gentleman, caring, sophisticated, and a class act all around. I'm your typical down-to-earth man, always treating people with respect and honesty. When I'm at home alone, I'm planning my next big trip abroad. I'm in the mood for an outgoing woman to shake my world up a little. Definitely at a turning point in my life and ready for that special person to spoil and share a partnership. I am hoping to attract a loving, caring, genuinely happy, financially independent, Chrisitian woman. If you contact me please include a face pic.

Meet someone special from United States. lemme see..who am I, what day is it? Widowed, Single-Father, Easy Going, Open Minded, Sarcastic humor...the list could go on and on but why bother? Why not ask me a question and find out for yourself?
I've been a single parent for awhile now. I don't mind being alone but from what I remember, its nice to have someone to spend time with doing whatever. I like to take my time, smell the roses, etc..although, I hate being late. I have a sarcastic sense of humor that has gotten me into trouble several times. :) I like to think of myself as a neat freak, but its just not true, a chaotic organizer, maybe. Hey, my desk is a mess, but I know where everything is!
My ideal match? Not sure. Preferably someone, that's comfortable with themselves, can handle off the wall, sometimes crude, humor, can laugh at themselves(I do it just about everyday) and has their stuff together. :)
Other than that, send me an email and let's see what kinda trouble we can get into...