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Date someone special from Alabama, United States. The things I am most passionate about are
special friends, helping others, classical music, arts, eating a romatic dinner out, going to concerts, plays, and theater, traveling to romantic places, having a romantic picnic with a special friend, a fine bottle of wine, visiting NAPA Valley in a Limo, wine tastings, my flowers, rose gardens, ,,,,,
The most important things I am looking for in a person is honesty, compassionate, kind, generous, caring, romantic, and somewho who will make me feel good. Usually the first impression is that I am strong willed and determined, but that is only what I let people see, really it is my soft tenderness, my smile, my long sexy legs, my blonde hair.

Meet a woman from Alabama, United States. I am a happy, uplifting, easy going person. I don't take life for granted. I embrace each day as a new beginning. The past is gone, learn from it and look to the future.
I enjoy being around people that are positive and able to laugh at some of the things life throws at them. Don't sweat the small stuff.
My best friend would be someone who likes doing things together whether it be going out, staying in, cooking or just taking a walk. He will appreciate the simple things of life, like sitting in the moonlight looking at the stars or taking a walk on a rainy day.
I enjoy being the woman, the lady, and the little girl. The big difference is knowing when. I am comfortable in jeans, but can be just as comfortable in a evening dress.
If your looking for a loving, caring, loyal, low maintenance woman who loves to laugh and live life to its fulliest. I just might be the best friend your looking for.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. I am a very decent person who comes from a loving family of 10 children. I am well-adjusted and well-educated. I do not have hidden agendas and take pride in being an honest and ethical person. I have a positive attitude and treat people with respect. I am unlike many women my age who carry their accumulated disappointments, i.e., baggage, around with them all the time and let it dictate their attitude and approach to life. I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy each and every day as much as possible. The past is good for one thing and one thing only; to learn from it and apply it to your life for the purpose of improvement. Money and career are important. I like my friends to be educated and have a drive and desire to be accomplished and make a difference in this world. I do love the finer things in life!
A good, decent, honest man whose word means something. I am looking for a person I can respect. I want someone who is self-confident, happy, accomplished and with whom I can have fun. I am looking for a long-term relationship. I want someone who is interesting to talk to, who has his own friends and is able to socialize. Oh, and a good sense of humor is very important.
I love football. SEC football is my favorite, but I have learned to enjoy Pro also because it extends the season....and I get to follow my Alabama players.

Meet someone special from United States. I 'm looking for for someone that likes to laugh,but can also have a serious side.Not always a giver,or a taker,but an equal.I love my family and friends to no fault.Work ethics are very important to me.I love traveling,going for walks. Need someone that is proud to be with me and not afraid to show it ! Don't like drama,mistrust.And no man that puts down his ex.if you do it to one lady you will do it to another.

Date a woman from United States. I am someone with whom you can count on, a great listener who enjoys the simple things in life. I love the comforts of home, therefore I haven't participated in the club scene for a while. Occasionally, go out to dinner. Would like to meet someone with similiar interests.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I have a few very close frinds, I make them smile when they see me coming. My accomplishment is working for Hospice. I am grateful for people who have helped me and encoraged me. I am looking a good solid relationship,hopefully a love relationship,someone who is warm, and funny that makes me laugh. I am moist passionate about life.

. Have been on my own for a long time. I'm independent, but know how to share. I am fine on my own or with someone exploring the world that has been given us. I have one daughter who is my world and is my best friend and confidant. I value her opinions and advice. I am faithful/loyal to the organization/industry for which I work and many of the people I've met over the years are dear friends as well as professional friends. I love my church and church family who have been with me through the good and bad times of my life. I'm not a world traveler although there are parts of the world I'd love to see.

. I am caring,giving,loving,but far from nieve.i like to have a good time with my kids and g-kids.Grateful for God in my life.I want a person that feels the same as i do.I don't have a social life now. My husband died Nov2010.I want someone to love me 4 me. I'm not fake. I love my family and want my spouse to love them too.he needs to be real.

. i have two granddaughters believe it or not one is eleven and the other is one and i am so thankful for them i love them more than life they are my everything im very out going and help everybody i know my friends say if you need somethging call barbara she is always there to help

. I enjoy one on one conversations. I am a good listener. Friends and family describe me as easy-going, dependable, kind, caring, and attractive.
My children are grown and live in the area. The wonders of children and nature or words and acts of kindness make me smile. I am looking for a Christian man who values family, enjoys quiet evenings, walks, movies, and some traveling.

. I'm a very active woman. I enjoy children, and dogs, they seem to like me too. I love sports and especially UA football, basketball and softball. I am very involved in my HS sports programs also. I spend most of my spare time traveling and working outdoors. I enjoy making things out of rocks.
Laughing and making memories are some of my most treasured past times.
Would like to find someone to make more memories.

. my friends would say im a caring person. and seeing people happy and well make me smile.
i am greatful to have a home and a job. lots of people dont have either now days
i hope to find a friend at first and then maybe social life is sitting here at home watching movies and hanging out with my 73 year old neighbor.
im looking for a friend, maybe lover,a comfortable person. some one who doesnt just want the sex. but also likes the holding and caring of a person
im the one on the right in the pic