Date men and women from United States / Alabama / Jackson, 67 year old

Date people from Jackson, United States. The second part is easy. I haven't a clue??? Probably why I've been married and divorced 4 times. I contend that I never found anyone who was up to the task of training me I'm stubborn but reasonable. I have learned that in order to get along in a relationship you must learn three things.
First: Learn to mimic that little dog in the rear window or on your dashboard. The one that constantly nods it's head up and down indicating " TOTAL AGREEMENT.
Second: ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE TOILET SEAT IS DOWN and don't ever believe that she will never know if you went and didn"t lift the seat!!
Third: As a man, You should always wear the pants in the family entitling you to the last word... YES DEAR. Best I can do on such short notice. Hell, I've only been working on this paragraph since I returned from England