Date men from United States / Alabama / Auburn, 67 year old

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. My closest friends have always described me a "loyal as an old dog"! I don't know if I am or not, but I know one thing. I have many lifetime friends having been born and raised and lived in the same small southern town of Camden since birth. Now, I have moved to Auburn to start a new journey. .I would like to describe myself as a southern gentleman. I have always loved running, reading, gardening, and traveling. I love parties/get togethers and being with friends and family. My family is very important to me and I look forward to meeting a wonderful Christian woman and friend to share my values with.

Meet single man from Alabama, United States. I'm open minded, curious, have free time, looking for companionship and adventure. Looking for someone who has similar interests. I like to play golf often and prefer someone who plays regularly but that isn't critical. I like to hike a big city with a back pack as well as attend a concert formally dressed. A round of golf here or there in different places, or a venturesome hike on a camp out, or a wine tasting weekend all appeal to me. A quiet evening at home playing cribbage or watching a video is great. Doing an art walk or attending an auction can be a lot of fun. I enjoy a good chess game.....I have three grandchildren, the youngest is 2. Fun to be with. I love to ski (grew up at Tahoe) but may have to hold off this year because of an injury....My bucket list includes jumping out of a plane - probably only once!? I'd like to see some of Alaska and NYC.

Date someone special from Alabama, United States. I am a retired man who lives a simple life hiking a lot, growing my garden and preserving my stuff and taking drives and short trips.
I have no vices, am politically liberal but apolitical, and have no religion other than my own based on science and nature. I "go to church" when I hike in the canyon here. I like to "live lightly on the Earth". I have a four year college degree.
I have a farm background, but did not farm for a living, being an engineer and technician for my working career.
I have money saved to buy a property and hopefully will build the passive solar home I have designed and have a model of here beside me.
I am seeking a soulmate to spend the rest of my life with.
I would like for her to be able to hike with me, like to travel, and like to garden and preserve vegetables and such. Hopefully she will have a farm background, or would like rural living.

Meet a man from Alabama, United States. I am a very confident Individual who is soft spoken and more times than not an extrovert. I do love to laugh, joke and have a good time with people. My partner will find I can communicate and in between the intelligent grunts I'll interject some conversation. I do take pride in my appearance but today I find more comfort in blue jeans than I in a suit and tie. Spiritually I do have a philosophy but I don’t bother others with it. I live a comfortable life in the country where I have done my own remodeling and always seem to have a list of projects to complete. Fishing has been a lifetime sport for me and I'm always up for new challenges. My BBQ is always at the ready and has many seasons of experience.