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53-years-old male
from United States / San pedro
seeking 37–62 years-old female
always sincerely spontaneous funloving me
About me
I'm fun, spontaneous, laid-back, silly, compassionate, passionate, tender, emotional, confident & honest... Love outdoors, dining out all foods, all kinds of music, theater, socializing, TRAVEL. My favorite activity is MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION. I like a balance of FUN & being deep. Life is a treasure, full of wonder, and I wanna live it fully! Friends & relationships are what I'm most passionate about. Relationships are the ONLY FOREVER THING! .. I'm looking for someone who loves people yes, a people person . I'm touchy, feely, kissy, authentic & totally open... no secrets - totally real! & That's what I'm looking for. I love to have fun! Spontaneous Fun how 'bout a little trip this weekend? BTW, I prefer to SEE who I'm visiting with! I Love music - most anything . Reading. Anything outdoors. Searching for a hot babe like you. Eating out at my favorite mexican joints with a friend. Going Dancing. Enjoying a couple glasses of wine. Trying new restaurants. Conversation is the greatest...
marital status:
Dark blonde
Athletic / Toned
body type:
188 cm (6'2)
82 kg (181 lbs)
Graduate degree
No, don't smoke
has children:
About ideal match
I'm looking for someone who's: Affectionate, spontaneous, emotionally honest, romantic, and fun-Loving. But also passionate and serious about life, not shallow. I'm not looking for "high-maintenance", but "down to earth". I want someone who's positive about life, who has grown from their past hurts, & is working on being emotionally balanced. Hmmmm, Mature & Secure...that's it! Secure enough to allow me to be with my good friends, and visa-versa, but also someone who wants to be held and cuddled and pursued and cherished! (how fun is that? mmmmmm!) Someone who gets their value and worth from within & God...not material stuff, looks, work, money, or a mate. Do you LIKE who you are? I like who I am... Ok, so are you ready to talk?