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45-years-old male
from United States / Corona
seeking 35–99 years-old female
Nice caring man looking for true love
About me
Hi, i a cool gentle, loving, caring and God fearing gentleman, i seeking for a serious relationship that will lead to mariage. i believe in love, i want to love again after i lost my wife. i believe in all the wonderfull things that goes with been in love, any woman who has never enjoy the true virtue of love, should open her heart, becos loves comes to some body who believe in it. its only natural that in life we all need that special someone, who will provide us with what is missing in our life. friendship, companionship, security and someone to lean on. i am making my self available to any woman who is willing to seek love. i am gentle and caring, iove cool music, writing poems, travelling, sports, football is my favourite, i also love pets, i have a little puppy. i am married once, i lost her, i am an interesting person who like to listen order people, share thier views, and make them belief in themselves. my ultimate goal is to touch as many lives with the best of my ability.
marital status:
Light brown
body type:
183 cm (6'0)
87 kg (192 lbs)
Some college
No, don't smoke
has children:
About ideal match
i want a lady who believes she is special regardless of the way she is , a woman who believe in her self, a woman who is very much willing to give her heart to love irrespective of how love have treat her, i want a woman who is going to love me, bcos i am going to show her just how beautiful is really is. love is unique, love is sweet, its the best thing that can ever happen to any one, i know that love can be weird sometimes, i want to be the one to love her , treat her like a baby , wipe the tears from her eyes. give her the strength to carry on , my ideal woman must the phylosophy of love, and its intricacies but with me by her side, we will fly, to the promise land of everlasting life of bliss with an unending life of love. thanks.