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31-years-old male
from United Kingdom / Rochester
Hey! are you the One for me?
About me
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What would i SAY ?First, I enjoy life very much and believe that everyday is a good day. Being positive is a big part of my Life .. Th glass is always half full. I am ( 5'7 ) , Somewhat good-looking ( so I have been told ), Nice Smile , in a great shape and secure both Physically and Emotionally. Most every person that I meet, Tells me that I do not act ... or look my age. Ha, I dont kow if that is good or bad ??? I know where I am going and I alots of goals to accomplish but have not found the right woman to join me in my Goals and help me succeed with his Goals. I'd like to develop a friendship first and see where it goes from there.......... as I am very cautious..........but this would have been great only if we were very close to each other. cos i do belive there is more to this LIFE than just sending mails to each other, Meaning that It has to be right both of us, If it is right, You have me 100% .
marital status:
body type:
173 cm (5'7)
110 kg (243 lbs)
PhD / Post Doctoral
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What am I looking ?
A lifetime Friend, I am not into dating ... I am into courtship, I am looking for my final relationship and it is a Committed relationship forever.......... and i just hope i have gotten to the final junction......... I am looking for someone who would be willing to commit to one monogamous, fun, thrilling and secure relationship forever. Is that YOU ??
Hope we can laugh together SOON....... Hope to hear from you soon.
wishing you the best in all that you to today...........
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