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34-years-old female
from Canada / Montreal
seeking 25–83 years-old female
searching for the right one
About me
I'm an open minded caring person. I'm not looking for someone to take care of me I've been doing that for many years now but would enjoy someone to share my life with. I also treat people the way I would want to be treated. I am also a physical type of person meaning I like to cuddle,hold hands, kiss, massage, hug that type of thing. I like going to the movie and resaurants, clubs and i also like going to starbucks, long walks in the woods or just staying home and having a qiet night together. I also like going for long rides or trips on the a kind, loyal, appreciative, attractive and intelligent woman who is energetic and optimistic about life. Seeking an intelligent, but fun gentleman with a good heart, tasteful sense of humor and enjoys life. Friendship, honesty and loyalty are also important to me and head games are definately out. Some of my interests are staying home for a quiet evening periodically is fine, I am a woman who has a heart for God,willing to try new thi
marital status:
body type:
165 cm (5'4)
52 kg (115 lbs)
Graduate degree
No, don't smoke
has children:
High Tech
About ideal match
I want to find someone who makes me happy and let's me make him happy also, someone I have amazing chemistry with and who has their life together and has an idea what they want out of life and there partner. A good man that is honest respectful, confidant in who he is and is willing to love without fear. He as to be open with what he is felling and thinking that would be a big plus for me since I have no problem saying what I have on my mind and I can take whats being said good or bad and let it go and not dwell on it Well, due to the lack of knowing each other well, a public place would be best. Good conversation, in a quiet place we can agree on, maybe a walk, dinner or coffee would work for a first date. After that, if we enjoy each others company, we can agree on a place that is suitable for our second date. I like to pay attention to the person I'm with so I expect the same thing in return. It's only fair, right? I want someone that can accept me for who I am. I want someone t
Graduate degree
from 52 kg (115 lbs) to 57 kg (126 lbs)
from 163 cm (5'3)
Average smoker