Date men and women from United States / Alabama, 72 year old

Date men and women from Alabama, United States. I AM VERY AFFFECTINATE, CARING FOR

Meet a man from Alabama, United States. Who makes me smile? Jay Leno, Robin Williams, George Carlin. My accomplishments?? That I have made it to age 72 and am in relatively good health. What social life?? If going to the movies by myself is considered a social life, then I'm doing ok. I am not an outgoing person so I don't meet many people.

Date single man from Alabama, United States. I want a woman who wants to love and be loved and I want to love and be loved by this woman.
My wife died in February 2012 and I don't like living by myself. I am a retired dentist and live in Homewood and have a cabin on Smith Lake. I like to go to the symphony, ballet and opera and other musical events in the city
I am a runner, hiker, biker and backpacker and enjoy canoeing on quiet water, I'm too old to white water paddle any longer.
I like to cook and I would rather cook at home than eat out, but my favorite resturants are The Fish Market and Highland Bar and Grill. I like to watch movies at home and rarely go to the movie theater.
I have a daughter and son-in-law and two grandaughters living in Bluff Park and a single daughter liviIng in Bayonne, NJ. My grandaughters are 12 and 15 and they love coming to the lake and I love for them to come to the lake.
My wife was petite and I am more comfortable with a petite woman.
I am an Episcopalian and do outreach through my church mainly for the homeless, indigent and grenerally the less fortunate.

Meet people from Alabama, United States. I am grateful for two beautiful daughters and five grandchildren. I have completed a most rewarding career and now continue to be blessed with good health and finances to do whatever I desire. Praise the Lord.

Date a soulmate from Alabama, United States. Prior career in broadcasting - since 1978, real estate broker, appraiser and commercial developer. That doesn't sound compatible, it really just evolved. After years in broadcasting, I made a career change to real estate and there I've contently remained ever since. Broadcasting was a fun work fantasy while meeting a lot of interesting people, but I guess the time came to get serious about long-term. I’ve lived in lots of places, including Europe. After attending schools in Germany, eventually graduating in northern Virginia at Mt. Vernon, I attended the U of A in Tuscaloosa. After an exciting programming career in broadcasting, including but not limited to places like; Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, the eventual lure of north Alabama and the beautiful Tennessee Valley Mountains won me over, and an ultimate career change to real estate, which I’ve never regretted. Always open to compatible companionship that likes sightseeing in our beautiful deep south. Of course the Gulf Coast always remains an attractive weekend escape, especially with a favorite traveling companion. Perhaps nothing surpasses the pleasure of cruising south through the Heart of Dixie to Gulf Shores with a compatible companion or exploring the Great Smoky Mountains which are never far away. If your quest is for a HUNK, sorry, I think of myself as average attractive - but that’s always in the eyes of the beholder, right? Although photography is a daily occurrence in my real estate profession, preferable quality time includes occasional portraiture, glamor shots and landscapes, all in perspective and context of course. Perhaps my inexcusable lack of additional pictures can be placated with a recently inserted snapshot taken about a year ago at Guntersville Lake. Admittedly, I have an absolute aversion to media lemming types that derive their ideology, lifestyle and demeanor from a controlled media and kosher Hollywood PC documentaries. Out of the box exploring, together is always preferable, but solitude has its reward. Confident, expressive, suggestive, assertive comfortable-content, just enjoying the moment with that special person, not influenced by “they’re all doing it” ideology, can differentiate between sincere and small talk fluff, pop culture is an expression-not a lifestyle, planned 3-day weekends with that special person can be romantic with adventurous bonding opportunities, mid-day phone calls confirm amorous fantasies, impromptu back and foot massages, perceptive demeanor, glass is always half full and its just a matter of time until our Powerball lottery numbers are drawn (smile), intimate and comfortable being transparent, passion excess always welcome, infinite resolve for Luke 9:26, faith, southern heritage and family........

Meet someone special from Alabama, United States. i am a widow. Most people say i am freindly and just a big lovable teddy bear.. I am looking for someone to spend time with like going out to eat and just having some fun. I am new to the area and new to dating scene, please be gentle....

Date men and women from United States. I have been told by those close to me that I am very laid back and easy going. I don't let things beyond my control bother me. Why waste energy on something that we can't control.
I live a quiet life in southern Baldwin County. I enjoy dinners out with special friends, movies and quiet evenings at home. I like to travel as much as I can. My current interest is visiting as many Civil War Battle sites and National Parks as possible. I like to read and am an avid crossword nut.
I am interested in meeting someone with the same interests as mine. Someone who would like to travel as my co-pilot. I would like to meet a women who is interested in good dinning, good wine, good conversation and quiet evenings at home. I believe in treating a lady with respect and gallantry. You might say I come from the old school of gentlemen suitors.
I am originally from the Minnesota/North Dakota area and enjoy living on the Gulf Coast very much. I have been retired from government service for 15 years.

Meet a man from United States. Active retired guy with a good sense of humor. Seeking a companion who also likes to laugh and enjoys friends & family.
Enjoys golf, fishing, outdoor cooking, old time rock & roll, traveling, college football, Law and Order, old westerns, reading, working crossword & sudoku puzzles.

Date single man from United States. I am searching for that special lady who enjoys all good things life has to offer and not afraid to take a chance on someone like me. Even though I have just recently turned 72, I am in excellent health, do not smke or drink and have never used drugs. I would prefer a lady friend with similar traits and who lives in my area. Hoping to hear from' my fair lady' soon.

Meet people from United States. Like dining out and dancing is a good evening for me. Right my social life is not very good. Like watching football and baseball, live are on TV. I am divorced, with five grand kids. I live with one of my childrens. The other lives in Headland, Al. I like picnicics and playing around in the water. I am a christain, like going to church, Like fishing, bingo, solts and playing cards.
Looking for someone with the same likes a I have. Someone that I can talk to will talk to me. Someone who does not mind holding hand in public. Sshowes effection in public and at home.
I do not drive. I am very capable person and will reat a woman good. I will spoil a woman easy.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am active, impatient, driven, lazy, inspired, motivated...but not all at the same time. I like to go places, do things, see people, enjoy life. I like to travel, all over. Been in all 50 states and most of Canada and Mexico and a lot of Europe. I live alone and take care of my house, car, whatever. Still work a little on the side just to have something to do. I like to talk, discuss politics, go out to eat. I can't and won't dance. End of that discussion. I like to write short stories, essays, stories about people I have known, stories related to my career. A few have been published, but nothing big. My ideal match will be attractive, slim to average, educated and well-read. She'll like to cuddle and be close. She will like to travel sometimes. I'd like to take her to Strasbourg in France for a week or so. One of my favorite places. Also Florence, Italy. Yet, I find a lot of interesting places locally and in the US. My ideal match will be cheerful mostly, with bitchy days here and there excused (I have the same rights). I want my ideal match to bring her own ideas to the situation, and I'll bet I can take part in most of her ideas. I am not dyed in the wool, set in my ways, obstinate about anything. I think I am known for wit and humor and sometimes being a little far out. Nothing drastic though. If my match would like a glass of wine with me at a meal or at bedtime, that's fine. A pint of vodka a day won't get it at all. I'd like for my match to be able to enjoy quiet time with me, no big plans, no big ideas, lay back and enjoy some TV or a movie. Go to an art show, or whatever type show she likes. Teach me new things in life. We should be able to both arise, just waiting to see what the day will bring. I want to be excited to see her coming, and vice versa. I don't want to rush into anything. Going slow will pay dividends in the future. I have been divorced 13 years and on good terms with my ex. She lives 150 miles away, about the right distance for an ex. I think my friends would describe me as dependable. Basically, I am a straight-up guy, no hidden faults. I have no secrets. I like a neat, clean house, but am not a fanatic, anal in my ideas.

Meet someone special from United States. I am a healthy active man who lost his life partner to cancer and who is finally starting to look forward to having another wonderful women to share life with. I am well educated and have an above average sense of humor. I have lived a full and exciting life and am presently enjoying my retirement in my Mountain home back in the forest. I have 5 wooded acres with a lgr creek and waterfalls. A wonderful place for my grand children to visit. My six married children live all over the country and only get to visit once a year. I am looking for a kind ,goodhearted lady to spend and enjoy time with. A sense of humor and positive outlook are important traits I am looking for. I am financially secure and believe in spending money, not hoarding it. I enjoy some time alone but truly miss companionship. Since I have been blessed to have my ideal retirement spot I am not really looking to re-locate. I am serious about having a close and caring relationship and am not looking for another friend, as I have several close friends. I am very mellow and would like my partner to be likewise, NO Drama Queens! ) or black widows as I still have a few good years left in me I love music and play the piano would love a gal that loves to sing along